Don’t like change? Then you most likely won’t enjoy Dead Space 3: True survival horror is dead-OXCGN


"From the moment Isaac awoke upside down in a crashed cockpit, to the sound of the howling blizzard he needed to traverse, everything sounded crisp and clear.

Too bad the vision for this game seems less clear, as what followed had me shaking my head in dismay. True survival horror seems to have died, an action-focused alien bursting from its innards to replace it."

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Proeliator2162d ago

I'm really attracted to Dead Space 3 for the same reason that I was attracted to RE5: coop.

As games adapt to an increasing social demand, it's only logical to include a cooperative feature. It also allows it to appeal to people like me.

I'm sure the hardest of the core despise my kind, though.

BadCircuit2162d ago

Yeah I was a huge fan of Resident Evil 4 because it WAS more action oriented. Resident Evil 5 was good, but did feel a bit like it had moved away from that 'survival horror' feel.

dedicatedtogamers2162d ago

Nothing wrong with co-op. Heck, there's nothing wrong with trying to improve a game. But I sure as heck ain't gonna listen to EA's promises that "Dead Space 3 will be just as scary" while nodding my head like a dumb mule. This new game is quite obviously a departure from what the series is known for.

user54670072162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

"I'm sure the hardest of the core despise my kind, though. "

Well when you pretty much say something like

"It also allows it to appeal to people like me"

Then yeah we would despise "your" kind because you fail to realise that them trying to appeal to people like you is what ruins these kind of games which don't need co-op. It spilts the fanbase, makes the developers look like sell outs and ruins the overall franchise in general.

Why not just hope or be on the look out for a co-op based game in the form of a new IP.

I have a funny feeling you wern't really a fan of the first Dead Space or the old Resident Evil games...only when they became mainstream to fit to your taste. Why don't you think of the core fans of this franchise.

If you want co-op then go and play a game built from the ground up with co-op in mind...Borderlands, Two Worlds, L4D

vortis2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

...Army of Two
...Splinter Cell: Conviction
...Conflict: Denied Ops
...Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
...Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies
...Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops
...Gears of War
...Mass Effect 3

I just named these games off the top of my head so people like Proeliator honestly can't say that there aren't enough generic co-op shooters out there. I seriously don't see why the few games outside that genre need to be turned into generic shooters, too.

Bubs to you MikeCosgrove because you get it.

dredgewalker2162d ago

Well said Mike, I still prefer my survival horror in SP since it makes me feel alone, vulnerable and helpless which creates the right atmosphere for being scared.

ShadowRyuX2162d ago

I am a huge fan of co-op games, because I love playing with my younger bro. However, I am also a huge Dead Space fan, it is one of my top 10 favorite games of this generation and helped restore my faith in EA. This said, Dead Space 3 seems really disappointing. If they wanted a co-op survival horror shooter game, they should have just created a new IP. This isn't Dead Space and it disgusts me to think of the huge lack of artistic integrity displayed by EA.

Rettom2161d ago

Why not just hope or be on the look out for a co-op based game in the form of a new IP.

Well.... developers are lazy :) They don't wanna create a new story, a new universe, they just want money.

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Nimblest-Assassin2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I wouldn't have minded the co-op if they didn't add

-universal ammo
-wide open areas
-cover system
-combat rolling
-human enemies
-necromorphs that shoot guns

All these things sacrifice what made dead space 1 and 2 so great. Dead space caught the RE syndrome. The claustrophobic athmosphere, the sense you want to be far away from the enemy, all I saw in the demo was them rushing up to kill the necromorphs and humans.

Even the 2 weapons into one feels lame, I mean it could have opened up so many possibitities if the gun combinations had unique effects, but the guns are essentially the same from dead space 1 and 2

The game just feels like a "me-too" cover shooter now, and thats disappointing

If they did this Co-op and dead space would be perfect

-minimize the dialouge in combat, or at least make them sound scared as hell... I mean Carver is laughing and trash talking necromorphs? Why? The last thing a HORROR game needs is a character who acts like Cole Train

-reduce the ammo you find

-make encouters randomized

-make sure the players always have to watch each other

-strengthen the necromorphs

- make the spaces enclosed

and done, you have a co-op experience that still retains the horror element, but until then this game will be an action game.... and thats sad to. Geoff Kieghly called it an action game and Steve (not even going to spell his last name) acknowledged it!

I mean, the guys at visceral are always talking to their community, always listening, so why betray that community? People want horror and claustrophobia... not Lost Gears of Dead Space 3!

rdgneoz32162d ago

"I mean, the guys at visceral are always talking to their community, always listening, so why betray that community?"

Gonna go out on a lib here and say it was the result of EA... They've been getting a pretty good track record lately of screwing up game series that were already good to begin with.

KaBaW2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I wish that some CEO's and developers though like you; but it doesn't happen. :/
If the game was like the second part, that would have been uber fantastic..

Oh_Yeah2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

EA ruined THE ONLY GAME that ever made me jump from my seat, and some of my friends scream like girls =/ something resident evil, silent hill, condemed, manhunt, and countless other supposed horror game franchises never made me do. sad to see one of my favs end up this way.

Brownghost2162d ago

you thought dead space was scary?

Oh_Yeah2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

@ Brownghost
i havnt been "scared" by many movies or games since watching the shining as an 11 year old, i had to shit with the door open for a couple days cuz i didnt know what to expect lol. but on the first playthrough with the lights off and surround sound cranked up...i felt the closest ive been to being scared again. it surprised the shit out of me a couple times, more than any other horror game or movie has in about 9 years. so no i cant think of a game nor many movies that out does the jump factor you get from dead space. dead space is to horror games as the shining is to horror movies. "the king". imo. if you can tell me what games are scarier or even movies that are scarier id gladly give them a try, but im sure ive seen and played most of the best.

Oh_Yeah2161d ago

also i only own a ps3 and 360 no pc. they actually did a scientific study with 500 people and found dead space 2 to be the scariest game on the 360.

Campy da Camper2161d ago

Someone needs to play Amnesia Dark Decent.

TekoIie2161d ago

Anyone remember the scene with that scientifically modified Necromorph that couldn't die? Now thats scary!!!

Can you kill it? NO
Can you run from it? Yes but barely
Is it alone? Sometimes

All you could do was slow it down by severing its legs. Removal of all its legs and arms stopped it in its tracks for a short time.

If thats not scary i dont know what is... Oh and it was dark :3

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GuyThatPlaysGames2162d ago

"True survival horror" is far from "dead". It's still out there. The problem is that these developers are selling out and go astray from the horror side and move over to the typical shooter side. Horror is still out there. It just needs to be done the right way.

SilentNegotiator2162d ago

I don't like STUPID change, no.

"As games adapt to an increasing social demand, it's only logical to include a cooperative feature. It also allows it to appeal to people like me"

They make it appeal to others, but it will also lose the people that it USED to appeal to.

vandal GAB2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Co-op in dead space 3 is a multi player option only! If you chose to play single player there is NO AI follower!

joab7772161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

It isn't the Co op that bothers me but the move away from survival horror. U can include a Co op mode without destroying this issue. But they are moving away from it to a 3rd person action title to create a larger audience. It may backfire. The competition is great right now and they should have stuck to their niche genre. Instead of standing out & awarding their fanbase, they claim they wouldn't even b able to make the game unless it sells 5 million. THEN....don't make it! There's plenty to keep me busy.

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dedicatedtogamers2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

EA did to Dead Space what they do best: make a new IP, establish it, get a fanbase, and then turn it into a mainstream mixing pot of all the other popular games in the genre. It should be noted that most of the original Dead Space team (y'know, the folks that made it good in the first place) have moved on to other things.

People should go watch the developer interviews for the original Dead Space. They were constantly talking about how they were designing the game - from the ground up - to be scary. The design team was watching horror movies for inspiration. With Dead Space 3, it's nothing like that. "Oh, the snow makes you cold so that's pretty scary, right? And, uh, we have some big monsters, and now the bad guys can use guns. Scary, right? We added in co-op but, uh, it will still totally be scary, ok?"

Sorry, but Capcom already tried to pull that in RE5. Didn't work. It won't work here, either. Some games really benefit from co-op. Who would have thought that co-op Mario could be so dang fun? But there's a time and a place for everything, and the inclusion of co-op (among many other things) in the new Dead Space seems like a pretty obvious attempt at grabbing the Gears/RE5 crowd while leaving the original fans in the dust.

BadCircuit2162d ago

Excellent summary. Bubbles.

It looks like Lost Planet.

But then I don't mind a bit of action, it's just that too much and it becomes generic.

Nimblest-Assassin2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I wouldn't have minded the co-op, but they sacrificed too much of what made dead space unique... you are right about the EA summary too.

-Mass Effect
-Dragon Age

All these games started out so unique, but there sequels fade into obscurity as they try to appeal to the mainstream and become generic

Mass effect- RPG/Shooter hybrid-> shooter
Battlefield- tactical team based shooter-> lone wolf BS
Crysis- open world shooter-> linear shooter
Dragon Age- RPG like Kotor-> hack n slash

And its even more of a piss off because the dev's all say "we are going back to basics" because the end product is not back to basics... it loses the originality the series had

"Above and beyond the call?" BF3 was ruined for weeks since the COD kids bought into it and ruined the dynamic of the game

"Mass Effect 3 is the perfect place to start" -_- really?


Dead space 1: severed hand floating in space
Dead space 2: Isacc close up, dark and dreary background http://cache.gawkerassets.c...
Dead space 3: Every god damn game that has you shooting guns!

MW3 box art
Battlefield box art
killzone 3 boxart

Why the hell are they killing great franchises by turning them into games we have already seen?

EA in a nutshell:

vortis2162d ago


I never noticed that about the box art before!!!

Wow, the ME3, BF3 and DS3 box art are all practically IDENTICAL!

Amazing. It couldn't get anymore generically curated to mass-market appeal than that.

Eske2162d ago

Damned well put.

I want to believe that gamers will vote with their dollars against this sort of thing, but it seems like the publishers have gotten very skilled at toeing the line of what they'll accept.

I wish that turning every game into Gears of Duty wasn't the smart financial move. But the silent majority keeps on buying 'em when they do, so it's going to keep on happening.

The pendulum will swing away eventually, but it sure is taking a long time to do so. In the meantime, good, promising franchises are getting sacrificed to the almighty dollar. It's a shame.

gaminoz2162d ago

Resident Evil 4 was great because it got a good mix going. I'm not sure Dead Space 3 is heading in the right direction now.

We have lots of 'space marine' shooter games, even co-op (Lost Planet, Gears of War). This seems to have gone away from its roots, big time.

dazzrazz2162d ago

I'll get it used or from bargain bin for $20 since it looks like they moving far far away from DS1 or DS2