E3 2012: This Isn’t Hollywood’s Tomb Raider | Loud Mouthed Gamers

Loud Mouthed Gamers: "One thing’s for sure, this isn’t the Tomb Raider that you’re used to seeing. Upon the start of our eyes on demo we noticed that this isn’t a luxurious trip to a tropical island despite the gorgeous environments. This is dirty, cold, rainy, and full of suffering."

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Kratoscar20082164d ago

exactly this is geared toward realism and women get assaulted like in real life, no the old lara that get on her tight jeans and the men enemies doesnt even attempt anything. This are villains people so stop the fuss.

papasere2163d ago

what the fuck happend to the hardcore lara we used to know in thise 1 she looks so soft and sceard