Claude Giroux Is The NHL 13 Cover Athlete, Check Out The Final Box Art

After a very long time of voting, the NHL 13 cover athlete has finally been chosen and it is Claude Giroux.

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allyc4t2100d ago

Oilers fan right here. I'm hoping to see RNH or Eberle on the cover next year! :D

TrendyGamers2100d ago

No interest in seeing a scarred Taylor Hall on the cover?

koh2100d ago

Bruins fan, but definitely deserved. I would doubt to see a Bruin on the cover anytime soon though, with an offense with moderate scoring from most but dominant scoring from none (hopefully Seguin soon)

rdgneoz32100d ago

Throw Chara on the cover, plowing over 2 guys at once. I always find it funny when I watch the games that it takes at least 2 guys to take him out. One guy and they just bounce off him as he shrugs it off.

Alcohog2100d ago

Awesome. Solid choice.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2100d ago

Habs fan, but I would have loved to see the first goaltender in Rinne to make the cover since the Beezer in 97.

MoXxXi2099d ago

I'm just glad it wasn't Pekka Rine ;)