New Dragon's Dogma New Quest and Price

Capcom has put up some new side quest and here are the price. Check it out:

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-MD-2039d ago

Looks like I'll be waiting for a goty edition.

tictac2612039d ago

Game is good do no what everyone else (ign) was saying

MysticStrummer2038d ago

So far I have no objection to all this DLC that was apparently on the disc already. It's just more fetch quests and DLC packs to help people who are having a hard time with the game, not new areas or enemies. Those who complained about the on disc DLC are so far unjustified in my opinion. I haven't seen any DLC I want, on disc or not. As for waiting for a GotY edition, I don't see the point for the same reason. Great game though. I'm up to level 115 and back in the endgame for the third time.

joab7772038d ago

It's one quest that is part of a 10 quest series. The other is equipment for beginners. The game is great though. I'm having a blast.

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