3 Reasons to be excited for Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2, the sequel to the extremely popular Black Ops, is will be released in November. There is much content we don't know about the game yet, but there is also a lot that we do know...

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arbitor3652096d ago

the campaign footage they showed at E3 was absolute trash

the multiplayer will be full of lag, campers, unbalance, hackers, and cheap tactics, just like the other games

DeadSpaced2096d ago

What do you base your multiplayer prediction on?

Commodore2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

Maybe you can't read but he said the words "just like the other games"

Anyone who thinks CoD is a good online shooter (outside of COD 4) needs a reality check. The basis of CoD multiplayer is "hey! I'm gonna run around and not use any tactics at all because honestly who cares? I'll just die and respawn in 2 seconds and do it all again".

God I miss SOCOM 2, where the only thing that mattered was a man, his gun, and pure skill. Not dumb*** rockets falling from the sky every 5 seconds and RC cars running wild.

DeadSpaced2096d ago

I must be literate, as I was able to read and respond to you. Now to address your other complaints, it seems like you're eagerly comparing BLOPS 2 with other installments in the franchise.

I personally have high hopes for this game. I've heard plenty of rumors as well as facts that would lead me to believe that this game will be different.

Here's an article that might clear things up. That is, if you can read.

logster102096d ago

You sir, are a bitter man

Yodagamer2096d ago

I'm not excited, i am cautiously interested though, i wanna see where they go with the future setting.

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