Nintendo Power Glove: The Ultimate Weapon

Join BootHammer as we take a spin in Rad Racer via the Nintendo Power Glove. No one makes it out alive as the Power Glove becomes self aware and turns out to be the ultimate weapon.

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TrendyGamers1887d ago

Interesting turn of events at the end there.

BootHammer1887d ago

Yeah it got out of hand ;7

TrendyGamers1887d ago

It's the price you pay when you use the Power Glove though.

a_squirrel1887d ago

*puts it on* I. Am. A. God.

BootHammer1887d ago

Still looks awesome to this day but try and play something with it and it's a total disaster, haha.

guitarded771887d ago

Yeah, I had a run in with that piece of crap back in the 80's... can't believe you actually made it to the beach in Rad Racer using the Power Glove (or did you really use the Power Glove?). Anyway, cool vid... keep it up.

maniacmayhem1887d ago

Remember the joke from Freddy's Dead? Classic.

Who would think that years later after this failed attempt, Nintendo would go back to motion controls.

BootHammer1887d ago

I'm not a huge fan of motion controls of any sort (Kinect, Move or Wii) but thank goodness they aren't this horrid, haha. The Power Glove would make a preacher curse.

eagle211887d ago

Rad Racer needs to get on the eShop asap. Am I the only one who loved Rad Racer? :)

BootHammer1887d ago

I was going to buy it before shooting the video and was shocked it wasn't available. Rad Racer was classic...good times.

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