Day Z Tales: The Bandage Murder-CPG

A tale of planned murder in Day Z for precious bandages

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dirthurts2095d ago

The idea behind this is great, and I feel like it would make a fantastic full fledged title. Someone should hire this guy and make it happen.

StayStatic2095d ago

@dirthurts "Someone should hire this guy and make it happen."

Bohemia Interactive have hired him already :)

MattyG2095d ago

Gunna be getting this soon, from what I've heard it's fantastic. It would be really cool to get a bunch of trustworthy people om the same server and build a settlement. It would probably be really herd though, because people would try to infiltrate and destroy it.

kostchtchie_2095d ago

haha great little story. i would so buy arma for this if the zombies did not run as fast as they do, i hate it and puts me of playing the mod

TukkerIntensity2095d ago

He was working at BI before the mod....was making it in his "spare" time. The mod is great....even after all the major changes Rocket seems to be making every release - some are jarring! lol but still at the core the game is great.

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