Miyamoto: Console design not just about “a power competition”

Although Nintendo has refused to reveal the Wii U’s specifications, while speaking to IGN Miyamoto said it doesn’t matter; the Wii U can do what it needs to do.

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stragomccloud2191d ago

Even Nintendo's "flops" were successes. for the virtual boy. I hated that thing!

Hisiru2191d ago

xbox1 is 4~5 times more powerful than PS2, if the WiiU is good enough to be the PS2 of it's generation (graphically speaking) then it will be fine.

Abdou232191d ago

"Console design not just about a power competition”
Yes,It is.

attilayavuzer2191d ago

The last few years of Wii kind of prove that point.

Nerdmaster2191d ago

I agree. It's a power competition. But in this case, the winners are the one with less power.

PSOne was weaker than N64 and arguably weaker than Saturn.
PS2 was the weakest console of its generation.
Wii was the weakest console of its generation.
DS was the weakest portable of its generation.
It's still early to tell which will be the winner, but seeing how Vita is selling, we can say the same for 3DS.

Apex132191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

That's they don't put special people like you in charge...of ANYTHING. The mind capacity is too primitive.

AWBrawler2191d ago

and the first 2 comment are just garbage. I think I'll just go on back to Wiipals

CLOUD19832191d ago

When PS4/newbox launch all is going to return back to how it was all those years, with Nintendo to have the inferior console regarding power & 3rd party support but for Nintendo fan boys that's not a prob right? they r happy as long they can play Mario & Zelda so what's the prob? at least they can now port all the MP games only PS3/xbox owners could play till now, so Nintendo fans have a lot of catch up to do :P

corrus2191d ago

It's only for Mario and Zelda that's want to say Miyamoto

Hisiru2191d ago

How can you say it? Isn't Nintendo showing some third party respect this time? We should wait and see. Unless you have a crystal ball or a time machine.

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The story is too old to be commented.