E3 2012: Get ready for Neverwinter to consume your life (for free): Winter is coming…


" the first Free-to-Play MMORPG that could convince me to dedicate some extra time away from all the sequels and invest in its satisfying story and extremely robust combat system.

It’ll be tough, but with the use of the “Foundry”, which allows you to craft your own dungeons, quests and stories to share with people, I see this one getting a devoted following."

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gaminoz2190d ago

It will indeed be hard to attract people when most of these games are similar fantasy style.

The Foundry in particular does seem to make it attractive though.

Eske2190d ago

Agreed. I've been MMORPG'd-out for a while now. But the Foundry idea does sound real promising. I wonder how it will work in practicality?

BadCircuit2190d ago

Seems like a crowded market to me, but it has the Neverwinter name.

Belgavion2190d ago

How much time do these developers think we have...

gaminoz2190d ago

Well they have magic in all those games, so maybe they think we can conjure up more?

I don't want to look back on my life and say: wow I wasted most of it on a MMO that went nowhere!

But if it is a fun pastime, there's no harm. Then look at the link below and you see that these Free 2 Play games are using gambling techniques to keep you coming back and buying extras. That worries me a bit, as I have a son who likes those fantasy worlds better than the real one!

MoveTheGlow2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

So, we've come full circle! 4th edition D&D was made to be more like an MMO, to try to get the WOW crowd on board. Every attack was some sort of named special attack and such. Now they've got an MMO based on D&D 4th... and the geek universe folds in on itself... until the next edition of D&D is released.

Anyway, when's Guild Wars 2 coming out? ;)