PlayStation Should Revive These 10 Franchises

With the biggest group of first party developers in the industry, Sony isn’t hurting for exclusives. But even with the deluge of games that can only be played on PlayStation platforms, Sony still has an extensive list of licenses that have gone dormant. Some of them were developed by that aforementioned roster of first party studios, and others by second and third party developers. But there’s a common theme among all of the series: Sony owns them and can revive them anytime it chooses.

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Oldman1001885d ago

I'd like a sequel to Santa Monica Studios' Kinetica.

Abash1885d ago

Syphon Filter PS3 is long overdue

blitz06231885d ago

I'd like to see a sequel to Heavenly Sword and/or Dark Cloud

execution171885d ago

@blitz0623 wouldn't dark cloud have to be made by level 5, but yeah I want a HS sequel

guitarded771885d ago

This is actually a really good list... especially for IGN. I want more Fat Princess please.... CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!

NukaCola1885d ago

I would love an HD version of Nitro Oxide N2O from the first PlayStation. It was a sort of remake of Tempest but with crazy colors and the bug enemies, but with an entire soundtrack of Crystal Method. Would be a good PSN title.

Shadow Flare1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Colony Wars for me. I don't understand why they stopped making them, they were fantastic.

Psygnosis were my favourite developers in the ps1 era. The range, quality and quantity of titles they put out was outstanding. But since they became studio Liverpool, they're half the devs they were. It's just wipeout now.

darthv721884d ago

id like to see a new philosoma. It isnt exactly a "franchise" but it is a good shooter none the less.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm1885d ago

I was going to say that. And Road Rash. There seems to be a shortage of motorcycle racing.

a_squirrel1885d ago

Road Rash

I'm not even into the racing genre, and this looks like fun.

Dakidog1885d ago


Oh made me cry tears of joy with that video! I miss Road Rash!

dalibor1884d ago

Road Rash online would be totally cool. It would be fun

dedicatedtogamers1885d ago

I would love some old-school RPGs but sadly the days of developers churning out amazing RPGs simply to compete with Squaresoft are long gone. Square-Enix is a joke and everyone these days is trying to copy Bioware's style (not a bad style in itself, but it isn't like the old PS1/PS2 style of RPGs). I do hope that 3DS and Vita can keep the flame burning for old-school RPGs.

HarvesterOSarow1885d ago

Open your eyes and heart to Ni No Kuni then! Classic PS1 style RPG with a lot of love from Studio Ghibli :) Level 5 and PS3 is sure to impress.

Oh_Yeah1885d ago

dark cloud & shinobi= win

NonApplicable1884d ago

Message to Level 5: Quit making those stupid "White Knight Chronicle" games, and devote your team to a franchise people actually like(DarkCloud)!

SilentNegotiator1885d ago

It'll never happen, but I want new Crash/Spyro :(

Dang it, Sony, why did you let Activision buy those up and destroy them?

black9111884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Bring back 2Xtream!!!!!!!!

Bike riding,skating,roller blading etc. all in one amazing game.

JaredH1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I'd like a new War of the Monsters, especially since Incognito is still around to make it too.

GuyThatPlaysGames1884d ago

These are my choices:
1.Legend of Legaia
2. Ape Escape (but make it superhard like the ps1 games)
3.FFVII ( :) )

SuMtOnE1884d ago

Legend of Legaia was fun... but i didnt like the fact that walking the world map seems so slow pace
but other than that I like the gameplay and the story line

AKA1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I think I'm the only one that liked that games? it was amazing...
It will bring bak hat Resident Evil have lost.

review with gameplay

zeddy1884d ago

anyone else think dark cloud was repetitive? all i can remember is going through endless levels, feeling claustrophobic and just wanting to get to the end asap. dont want a remake.

Myze1884d ago

The first game, while pretty good, was definitely repetitive.

I take it you didn't play the sequel though. It is, in my mind, the best RPG on the ps2, which is saying a lot (with DQ8, Persona 3 and 4, FFX, etc.). It kept the more interesting level/weapon build system (with positive tweaking), and vastly upgraded the story, graphics (definitely one of the best looking ps2 games) and a TON of mini-games (basically an entire game of golf, for one). The game takes well over 100 hours to complete 100%.

Dark Cloud 3 is probably my most wanted revive at the moment.

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Godmars2901885d ago

The only thing on that list I'd say no to would be Heavenly Sword. Though I'd replace it with Road Rash.

I'd also suggest not to "modernize" them. Colony Wars especially should be kept as close and simple to the original as possible. Hell, rip off Star Fox.

PoSTedUP1885d ago

i agree with road rash (road rash 3D) was thee most fun racing game i ever played by myself.

i also loved colony wars too.

SilentNegotiator1885d ago

But Heavenly Sword was great :(

I'm going to go play through it again, just to spite you :)

PoSTedUP1884d ago

i like HS more then god of war. one of my favorite games this gen.

TooTall191884d ago

While I do want a new Road Rash, it's not owned by Playstation (unless they bought it and didn't do anything with it). I remember playing Road Rash on the N64.

user54670071885d ago

If Heavenly Sword 2 gets made they <SPOILER> have to bring Nariko back as the main character.

"But perhaps Sony could coax Ninja Theory to jump into a sequel on PlayStation 4 (or whatever it will be called) after its Devil May Cry reboot is finished."

Maybe they'll come crying back when dmc dosen't sell as much (hopefully)

I want to see the return of MediEvil...that game was amazing.

I hope Sir Daniel Fortesque will be in Playstation All Stars

dragonyght1885d ago

Let your voice be heard

No donation require bring your friends and also if you know any body whos fan share this link with them

remanutd551885d ago

thanks for bringing up my request lol, anyways i love Heavenly Sword and i seriously believe Nariko will feature at least one more time on a playstation console

ABizzel11885d ago

Let Sony Santa Monica make HS 2.