Why Torchlight II Might Appeal to Fans More than Diablo III

Diablo III is a well thought out, extremely polished game that for the most part stays true to its spirit of its predecessor. However, as the weeks go by more and more inherent design flaws are being unveiled, most of them related to server stability, class balance and difficulty. Ultimately, this leads one to believe that Blizzard may have lost their way over the course of a grueling and mysterious 11-year development period.

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fermcr2097d ago

I'll take Torchlight II over Diablo 3.

Just release the game and I'll buy it.

PersonaCat2097d ago

It's only like what, $15? They seem to be doing everything right with this game. Day one for me!

SeekDev2097d ago

It's got co-op this time around, which makes me a happy camper.. in my house on my computer.. camping.

ATi_Elite2097d ago

Torchlight 2 may or may not be Great, we'll find out at release but Diablo III has sold over 8 million units.

I would be surprised if Torchlight 2 did that many but who knows!

SeekDev2096d ago

It's the quality that makes a game, not the sales, my good man.

Tarmgar2097d ago

Yea, I skipped out on D3 and I already pre-ordered the game. I'm just sitting here waiting for it to come out now.

Psychotica2097d ago

I just want to play a game without all the online gimmicks like the auctionhouse crap..

kevnb2097d ago

i wish it was just best of both worlds...

joab7772097d ago

I agree. Its too bad that they choose streamlining over rewarding hardcore RPG players. I mean, when will blizzard and bioware and others realize that is RPG fans are ecstatic over a game, it will sell well. If u r worried about the broader audience, maybe an option can be added to help streamline the experience for them. There are a few dungeon crawlers coming out soon and torchlight 2 looks to impress.

I would have loved to have been at the meeting that determined the course of Diablo 3. These are avid hardcore RPG players and creators. I find it hard to believe that they opted for many of these decisions.


I'm loving Diablo III and can't wait for torchlight as well.

Simon_Brezhnev2097d ago

Diablo 3 is cool but they keep nerfing my class all the damn time. The advertise monks punching extremely fast now they punch slow. I wonder if somebody will sue them for false advertising. LOL

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