Molyneux: “The industry has been lazy”: BAFTA Games Question Time


"From gambling techniques used for Free-To-Play, to the power of metacritic, to using tablets and TV screens being “stupid”, an open discussion on the future of video games."

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gaminoz2193d ago

“There is a very real moral issue in getting people addicted and taking their money”

I'm dismayed that they use gambling techniques to grab gamer's money with F2P gaming. Not surprised though...nothing really is free.

Nimblest-Assassin2193d ago

Anyone else find these comments dev's are making are really hypocritical and ironic?

Molyneux: He states other dev's are lazy, but has not done anything to buck this trend he is noticing

Warren Spector: Said games should be less violent. Isn't he the man behind behind deus ex: Invisible war and theif? And also, your making a mickey game, violence and mickey don't go hand in hand

Cliffy B: Games are too linear. Your the guy behind gears of war, which is a great cover shooter, but also a very linear series.

I have no problem with a dev stating their opinion, but if you do, at least show that you are trying to change the trend rather than just stating something, and not doing anything to fix it

gaminoz2193d ago

Makes sense to me! Unless they are saying "everyone is copying me, therefore making it too much this and that..."

wagnus2193d ago

Molyneux has that 50,000 euro DLC for that cube carving game. It lets you carve it 100,000 times faster. If anything, he's the lazy one!

BadCircuit2193d ago

Interesting read. I find a few things sad:

This: “Out of Top 20 games sold last year, only one was a new IP”

and the fact that so many publishers go by Metacritic to see what to do next.

Hellsvacancy2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

"The only draw back to this solution is that it costs £50,000" wtf? is that a typo?

Maybe i should start smoking crack, everybody else seems to be, FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS, i think im too sleepy, there must be more to it than that, im going bed now, ill read it again in the morning (afternoon)

gaminoz2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Nope...looks like it is true:

"Peter Molyneux went on to say that he would be shocked if somebody actually bought the chisel and that, if somehow it did happen, he would invest the money back into the experience."

This buying of 'imaginary' stuff is really showing that some people have too much money. I guess he wants to see how gullible (and rich) some people really are?

BootHammer2193d ago

New IP's are definitely a dilemma right now but it's easy to see why many won't risk it these days, due to the budget of up to 80 million it takes to create one.

That's a shame, who know's how many great ideas and possible franchises are going to waste because of this.

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The story is too old to be commented.