The Inferno #6 : The Trades

Well hello again Diablo fans! Happy Fathers Day to all you Diablo Dads. This week we had a skeleton crew for the recording but that didn’t stop us from breaking down the game a little bit more. This week we grind up crafting and auction houses talking about how we feel about the two auction houses and we learn what a $75 dollar amulet looks like. Also we break don the incredibly robust crafting system int he game and explain to you why everyone should be crafting in Diablo 3. Also this week we thought we would have some fun and instead of character builds we talk about our battle banner builds and the fun we have been having customizing them. Some of our designs may surprise you. Last but definitely not least you emails and we talk about slowing mobs down as a wizard and much much more. So thanks for listening and feel free to send us an email or give is a review on iTunes.

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