How Epic Mickey 2 is like Deus Ex

"At first glance, the bright, colorful puzzle platforming of the Epic Mickey franchise seems like a distinct departure from the kind of games that marked designer Warren Spector's two-decades-long career in the video game industry. But the man who worked on series ranging from Ultima to System Shock says that the upcoming Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two actually matches the classic adventures he's known for in one important way: the power of choice.

In Epic Mickey 2, that choice primarily boils down to creation or destruction. Will Mickey use his magical paintbrush to fill in missing portions of the world, creating solutions to problems from whole cloth? Or will he use paint thinner to permanently scar the landscape, removing barriers that are in his way?", writes ArsTechnica

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mewhy322192d ago

Well, I'm pretty sure I didn't see any Disney characters in Deus Ex LOL. I didn't even play that game to it's conclusion.

MrDead2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Both have to wear gloves to cover their tracks? I won't go into what Mickey has to hide but let’s just say that mouse is twisted and my kids won't be going anywhere near him.