Mutant Mudds Review - Cubed3

"Nowadays browsing a software shelf in an average games store will usually yield a game that involves gunning down enemy hordes through a first-person perspective. As overly frequent as they may be, each generation of consoles tends to gravitate towards one popular genre depending on popular acclaim and ease of engine design. Long-term fans of gaming will easily remember the one genre that took centre stage during the Nintendo and Sega years; the humble platformer. The range of ideas on show as developers battled to gain the most mindshare was truly one to witness, from the downright strange Boogerman and Earthworm Jim, to more abstract concepts like Zool and Cool Spot. Indie developer Renegade Kid, creator of Dementium and Moon on Nintendo DS, has brought onto the 3DS eShop a reminder of those days with Mutant Mudds. However, is it an experience to truly reminisce over or a relic best left forgotten? After a recent hands-on preview, Cubed3 now delivers the final verdict.", writes Cubed3.

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