Redbox reveals game rental stats and trends (infographic)

Owned by parent company Coinstar, the DVD and game rental kiosk chain Redbox has been so disruptive in the entertainment industry that it helped Netflix hammer the final nail in Blockbuster’s coffin. Redbox has doubled its annual revenue year after year, cutting so deeply into Hollywood’s piggybank that several movie studios attempted legal action, eventually settling to impose a 28-day delay before new releases hit Redbox machines.

But that’s all old news. Last year, Redbox turned its sights on video game rentals in a big way, and has shared some recent stats from that endeavor with GamesBeat, all of which we’ve put into this nifty (and exclusive) infographic for you.

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roblef2221d ago

Gonna have to check out redbox again. I forgot they did games.

DV_Bastian2221d ago

If you're hardcore and pull an all-nighter, you'll never have to buy games again.

archemides5182221d ago

redbox is good, but still, their selection could be better

LouisGarcia2221d ago

I don't rent games, but the Redbox kiosks near me are always out of the gaming options.

nukeitall2221d ago


CoD takes up three spots on the top 7 games rented. The platforms in descending order, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. That's right Wii!!! WII!!!

Yep, it sits right behind the PS3 version. Amazing! XD

archemides5182221d ago

they always have stocked less ps3 games, so it's no surprise it came in 3rd. which is unfortunate because the 360 discs that you get from there are usually scratched to hell if not brand new.

Twizlex2221d ago

It seems you didn't understand that comment at all.

nukeitall2221d ago

Indeed the person did!

People only see what they want in a comment, unfortunately!

jessupj2221d ago

It's disgusting isn't it?