Saving Street Fighter X Tekken

A short list of fixes that could save Street Fighter X Tekken from fading away.

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GearSkiN2129d ago

release the complete edition for 20

an0nym0us2129d ago

This game is littered with laziness, lack of common sense, and double standards. No Armor King, Eddy, or Anna, but Ken and Akuma, and Sakura made it in. Clearly there was bias and laziness during development, and too many corners were cut

That being said, This Game Is NOT worth 60 bucks, Unless you enjoy Asscom's Stupid ass pairings (Julia X Bob Rofl) single player gets stale the online is assss, and there's nothing to do offline but fight the same lackluster pairings over and over with the lame ass, end boss.

In Addition those online underwater fighting hype video's that got released, yeah false advertising, the videos and environments aren't even in the game.
I was hype for this game too that's the sad part.

kagon012129d ago

This game is an abomination that shouldn't exist...

I feel pity for those who where blinded by hype and bought this incomplete broken product...

DLC extortion FTW/s

lorcraven2129d ago

The game was a rushed mess, and was a great demonstration by Capcom of how not to make a game, both in the quality and in the business decisions surrounding it's release. To be saved it really needs a complete overhaul as this current version is offensive to fighting game fans who paid good money to play it, after SF4 and MVC3 people weren't prepared for such let down, and I feel personally feel like I've been ripped off having bought it myself.

VTKC2129d ago

there is no saving this "quick buck" effort of a game. Capcom too busy nowadays in thinking of ways to scam customers.
I cant wait to see what Namco does on their turn of this game. Hopefully Namco are wise and show them how its done!