How To Get 151 PS3 Trophies In 24 Hours

NowGamer- "Does your flagging Trophy level need a desperate quick fix? If you’re brave enough, we have a punishing 24-hour schedule to nab you a staggering 151 Trophies."

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HarryMasonHerpderp2160d ago

Now that is sad.
Most of them aren't even good games lol.

HebrewHammer2160d ago

I remember getting the Terminator Salvation platinum, just for the lulz.

What an awful game

The_Devil_Hunter2160d ago

I hope you rented it. I wouldnt want to waste money on such game.

SonyStyled2160d ago

i played it too for an easy platinum, and to be a game bandit taking advantage of gamestops week return policy. i didnt find the game too awefull. i just found it to be a really low budget title

Bobertt2160d ago

I bought it used and returned it wen i was done. I thought it wasn't that bad, as everyone said. I understand if you paid $60 when it came out you would be pissed. But if you bought it as a rental or just to beat over the weekend it was one of those games that are so bad that they become fun.

guitarded772160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I'm a trophy whore, but I wouldn't result to playing about half the trash on that list. However, I am guilty of the Terminator Salvation platinum... that game is a blasphemy to all things good about gaming.

There is nothing fun about cheap deaths. There is nothing fun about a game freezing up. There is nothing fun about having only 3 enemy types in a game. There is nothing fun about completely linear gameplay. I scored the game for $15 new and still want to see a class action lawsuit for ill treatment/torture of gamers around the world.

Bobertt2160d ago

I would say the glitches were annoying but i was still able to beat it in a day and most games these days have bugs and glitches so i don't count it. A lot of games are linear these days also. I remember some hard areas where you get trapped if you don't kill them fast enough but i wouldn't call them cheap deaths. Play the tank mission in Blackops on Veteran thats a cheap piece of shit.

PirateThom2159d ago

It was a nightmare, it's such a good concept for a game, but it's so, so broken that it's just not fun. It's like they never played any other cover based TPS from this gen. Frustrating.

I also played Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs to platinum, not hard, not awful, just kind of there.

NonApplicable2159d ago

I really enjoyed Salvation. Great weekend rental.

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TruthSeeker2159d ago

Yeah, im not that desperate....

Skate-AK2160d ago

I would want 3 platinums across 3 games rather than 151 trophies from like 10 random games.

HebrewHammer2159d ago

HAHA! Yea, really. Hell - you could get like 500 trophies in a day if you just play through all the Pixar licensed games and Hannah Montana :D

Soldierone2160d ago

If you go and buy these games just to get trophies.....then trophies have done their job.

I only saw maybe 2 or 3 games I actually enjoyed

The_Devil_Hunter2160d ago

Haha yeah should at least mentioned infamous 2. Not only a fantastic game, but it can be platinumed within the 24 hour mark if done correctly. While I honestly cannot go for 24 hour straight of gameplay.

SonyStyled2160d ago

ps3t says its 20+ hours for the infamous 2 plat. it probably took me 30 hours

DlocDaBudSmoka2160d ago

whoever made this list forgot that BTTF released on blu ray disc with a platinum trophy.

XboxBoy2160d ago

I think this was just in Europo no? I havent seen a BTTF blu ray title here in States.

JKelloggs2160d ago

Honestly, didn't see the point in this article...

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