Halo 4 Multiplayer Won't Have Spectator Mode

GR - "The official response on the Halo bulletin called full spectator mode a "bandwidth hog" that they did not want to introduce into the game's competitive arenas, but promised that there would be changes to the post-death camera."

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spicelicka2189d ago

doesn't really matter, the biggest issue now is the 2 player split-screen online. Plz for god's sake 343 make it playable online 4 player split-screen.

Halo is the only good game in the world nowdays that has this feature, best game to play when friends are over.

Bobby Kotex2188d ago

Of course it doesn't matter, gamers have been taking whatever compromises shoveled down your throat and settling for it.

omi25p2189d ago

What about Red Vs Blue. How are Roosterteeth supposed to film that?

MiamiACR212188d ago

The same way they filmed with Halo 1 and 2.

StraightPath2188d ago

It will have theatre mode still..spectator mode I believe u wont able to see the match. By flying around

TotalSynthesisX2188d ago

I'm mildly disappointed, but I don't blame them for their decision. It makes sense. I'd hate to experience lag spikes in a match just because someone wants to sit there and watch.

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The story is too old to be commented.