The Amazing Spider-Man: The Power of Web Rush

Direct from Beenox: the devs behind The Amazing Spider-Man game give HeroHQ an inside look at Web Rush's power and versatility.

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MilkMan2194d ago

DOPE! Nice to see Beenox didn't loose this. I was hoping they would incorporate it somehow in the game and they did. AWESOME!

I'm pre-ordering right now.

HungPHATx2194d ago

Ya same here ! I've been watching this game for a while now.....

Psychotica2194d ago

I still haven't seen any place where you can preorder for the PC

Psychotica2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Ok, I just read on the forums @HeroHQ that the PC version is not coming out at the same time as the consoles :(

ACBAA2194d ago

ya it's releasing later

shaneTsung2194d ago

playing the game now, love it

raymanlegends2193d ago

i am searching high and low but i still don't know when the game will come for pc if any1 knows please tell me that would help me