3DS & Vita Are Getting Screwed

The Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are by far a favorite platform choice of mobile gamers. Why then are games, sales numbers and other key ingredients of gaming success going to smart devices?

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SandWitch2216d ago

But somehow 3DS is outselling DS, which is the best selling handheld/console

darthv722216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

one simple answer....convenience.

The quality of the games on a mobile device may pale in comparison to that of a dedicated portable but it is generally more convenient to carry your phone with you when you leave the house.

I dont always take my 3ds or psp with me unless it is on long road trips. Not to mention that the games on mobiles are cheap and simple to learn but will keep you addicted for hours (depending on the game).

Nintendo struck gold with the original gameboy and especially the inclusion of tetris. Now that smart phones have tetris (among others) the very generation that grew up with the gameboy have grown into mobile games on their phones/tablets.

There is still a place in my heart and my collection for a dedicated portable but i am finding my phone to be just as entertaining on a daily basis when it comes to playing quick and easy games on the go.

The tech and the games will continue to evolve just like they did from the gameboy to the vita.

jujubee882216d ago

Because of the time spent playing mobile games?

It is not impressive to think a smart phone and tablet can die out and cease to do all these other things it was built for because battery life was spent playing on a touch screen.

On the other hand, VITA has all the processors and battery of a iOS device but one can rest assured that time on VITA will be used for gaming. Even though VITA has apps, they all tie into gaming (see Near and Welcome Park).

But ultimately, it comes down to pocket space and who can monopolize that edge of a pocket or back pack. I am pretty comfortable with using my iPhone a lot but still chillin with my VITA when I want to get my game on. : )

maniacmayhem2216d ago


The average time spent on more than most mobile games is 15 to 20 minutes. Maybe less.
That is why most mobile games are these quick 99 cent games and not these in depth games like you find on Vita or 3DS.

Most people when out don't have time to put in on a handheld when at the DMV, doctors or PTA meeting which is why a mobile device is so convenient.

PoSTedUP2216d ago

only about 40 million times more people have smart phones...

i take my vita everywhere i go tho cause when i do play games, they are of high quality.

live2play2216d ago

so okay right now the 3ds is facing competition
(according to apple fans)
from iphones, ipads, android devices
when the DS launched it had no "competition"

so naturally the ds did better than 3ds right?


the 3DS is OUTPACING the ds (best selling handheld)
it broke the ds's first year record in only 9 MONTHS

and this with the ios devices SUPPOSEDLY EATING AWAY at dedicated handheld install base

joeorc2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

"and this with the ios devices SUPPOSEDLY EATING AWAY at dedicated handheld install base"

that's because it is eating away at the market and not just smartphones are doing it Tablets are also adding to that!

Look I like dedicated Game Handhelds just as much as any other Hell i have a DS-XL and a PSVita, Gameboy advanced SP. but the truth of the matter is the market for dedicated Handhelds will not go away, but on the same token dedicated game handhelds are no longer the leader's for mobile Gaming.

As in this is not about the Quality of software because that is quite subjective. There is many Mobile games are already being made that are big dedicated game publisher's making games for smartphones and Tablets. When you have Game companies like Rockstar games putting their 3D accelerated games on smartphones and tablets but not on the PSVita or the Nintendo 3DS, that kinda tell's you something. Never mind their old games it just shows that they can make alot of money on non dedicated Game HandHelds just as much if not more than they can on dedicated Game handhelds.

you say the 3DS breaks the DS sales record, which no argument, it is..but think about this in one sales Quarter the fact that Sony is selling 9.5 MILLION Xperia smartphones in just 2 sales Quarters they just sold over what Nintendo has taken the 3DS all year to sell! And Sony is not even 1st in smartphone sales.

despite Nintendo's fantastic software and very reliable hardware; They are like Sony no longer #1 selling Game Handhelds!

you know its a change in the market when even game review sites has reviews and there is even a section on smartphone gaming. This is not the Nguage coming into the market trying to change the perception of "what is a game handheld" Smartphones have already done it in many consumer's eyes.

when you can get a wireless or wired game pad for your smartphone or Tablet the control issue is no longer a problem. Microsoft's Surface is going to prove exactly that. Gaming for mobile is coming to a full circle. Being a Game handheld anymore is pretty much Moot in its description. If the games and applications are made for the device does it really matter if it is indeed a smartphone or not?

both the 3DS and PSVita do more than just play games

dedicated Game handheld stream music, watch streamed the internet you can now update the firmware on these new Handhelds. to allow more Games and Non gaming Application's.

the point is the dedicated Game handheld really does not exist in a pure form anymore anyway.

that's just the truth of the matter.

darthv722216d ago

Nyko revealed one at E3 for droid based devices.

AdvanceWarsSgt2216d ago

If you believe this, then you must also believe that PCs are eating away at console market share.

jujubee882216d ago

I basically felt the same about my VITA.

Treian2216d ago

I used to care about handhelds, but they just lack games in my opinion now....

mcbrid552216d ago

I think the 3DS is doing pretty good now, before the price drop however the releases were MISERABLE.

Now out for 3DS that are good games:
Super Mario 3D Land
Mario Kart 7
Pushmo (downloadable amazing title)
Resident Evil Revelations
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Kid Icarus Uprising
Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater

Coming Soon:
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Luigi's Mansion :Dark Moon
Kingdom Hearts 3d
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Theatrhythm (no that's not a spelling error) Final Fantasy
Animal Crossing

I think Nintendo now is getting the content out to the players at a pretty regular pace

live2play2216d ago

yes the smartphone market is growing

yes the wii sales are dropping and DS (not 3DS) sales are declining

and people go oh this is growing and this is declining so naturally this growing thing is causiong this diminishing thing to fail....


wii sales are down because the WIIU is coming
ds sales are down because the 3DS IS HERE

look at the mcdonalds value menu
cheap 1 dollar burger
go to chillis (or any other non fast food restaurant)
you get a 15 dollar burger

yea the other burger cost 1 buck but you dont get the same satisfaction as you do from the 15 dollar burger

that is what app store games are DOLLAR BURGERS

has mcdonalds killed bigger resaurants that sell burgers JUST BECAUSE MILLIONS BUY DOLLAR BURGERS?????

no BECAUSE there is room in this 6 billion people poppulated earth for MANY THINGS TO CO EXIST

$1 burgers have not gotten rid of $15 burgers

neither will $1 games be able to get rid of 40 dollar games

MasterCornholio2216d ago

Wii sales were down even before the Wii U was announced.


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