MediaKick Review: Dragon's Dogma

MediaKick: "Dragon’s Dogma signifies something fairly ambitious. For a long time, Japanese developers have traditionally developed RPGs using their own methods. These JRPGs have a focus on story and character development as opposed to the more Western principles of openness and exploration. While Western developers have also delved into their resource, Japanese developers have been somewhat reluctant to dip their toes into the murky waters of the Western RPG. With this in mind, it is encouraging for Capcom to show their hand in this more action orientated RPG. But aside from the ridiculous name, the doctrine of “Japanese developers can’t make Western RPGs” is sincerely being challenged."

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Sino2038d ago

C+ all you want but its still 10x times better than those so called "A" rated wrpg rubbish called Dragon Age 2

SkirkRidgeEX2038d ago

Agreed. Dragon's Dogma may be a C+ in my eyes, but it is certainly better than Dragon Age 2 (though we didn't review it, so I couldn't give it the score I want to give it!) ;)

alessandro102038d ago

Dragon Dogma its more that a C plus.....