Console XP: Tribes: Ascend Review

Matija Mandic wrote: " Don’t be fooled by the free-to-play model, Tribes is a pretty game. In fact, might just be the best-looking Unreal Engine 3 game so far – the render distance is huge, the models are insanely detailed (both the players and their weapons) and it all runs smoothly on an average machine. The effect of going extremely fast is completely nailed, all with the sounds of the wind blowing and the jetpack burst. The orchestral score is amazing, as well as the rock-techno swings while the flag is on your back, while the voice acting is so cheesy, you can’t help but love it. Ultimately, it’s an insanely fun and satisfying online shooter, with adrenaline-pumping action going for it. If you can get past the minor quips I stated above, it will produce hours upon hours of enjoyment. It might just be the best free FPS ever made."

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