Why Do People Care About Wii U's Power?

Is it just us asking this question, why do people really care about the Wii U's horsepower, or more specifically its graphical output? should we not care more about the games coming to the Wii U?

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Chuk52195d ago

Well, look at it this way.

This is nintendo's next system, and so far I am put off by the controller, and that's the system's selling point. Okay, if I'm not interested in that, let me check out the way it looks. Not totally blowing me away, but I will get better looking. The problem, the wiiu will get better looking in comparison to the 360 and PS3, what does that mean for their evolutions?

Third party support seems utterly lacking and Nintendo has admitted they won't be able to catch sony and ms with online capability. It's not 2004 anymore, online is a massive key to the success of the 360 and ps3.

And finally more powerful systems can handle more complex game systems. Bigger, denser worlds, more intricate AI, etc. And then there's the wiiu asking price, which remains a mystery and most likely won't be cheap.

That is why I am off-put by the WiiU.

PopRocks3592195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Allow me to argue a couple of things.

1. The controller is a regular controller with a screen in the middle. If you're off-put by the way it looks then that's fine, but I'd suggest giving it a swing before dismissing it altogether.

2. They showed an entire montage of third party games at E3. Yes, most of them are older titles, but a few of them, like Aliens and Assassin's Creed, are new. The Ninja Gaiden game also seems to be looking much better from its previous iteration according to various previews I read. There's also ZombiU and P-100, both of which are exclusives.

3. We don't know the final specs of the Wii U just yet nor do we know much of anything about the online infrastructure outside of Miiverse. I've played online games on the 3DS before and they all actually work quite well. I'm hard-pressed to believe that that would not translate to Wii U eventually, if not at launch.

I can understand the skepticism surrounding the console, but it should be noted that there's also a great deal of potential. Sadly there are two many question marks as of right now. Even after E3, the bulk of it is still speculation. Shame, really.

GameTechZero2195d ago

Just about to reply with some of the things you have just said poprocks. Thanks :)

WeskerChildReborned2195d ago

I remember seeing a comparison between Wii U and PS3 showing AC3 and Wii U looked better even though it was off screen footage.

PoSTedUP2195d ago

although i do jump back from time to time, it'll be like playing the ps2 throughout this whole generation of ps3/360 Next gen with the WiiU and PS4/720, not happening...

nintendo are behind in the times, they Did dominate this generation, but i'm somehow smelling it was a bad move for the future of their company if they don't have another catchy gimmick.. hope i'm wrong.

ever since i was little i always cared about the graphics "the sega looks so cool" "oh wow the gamegear is hand held and it looks the same!"
n64/ ps1 and so on and so forth.

Tachyon_Nova2195d ago

My issue with the controller is how big and heavy it is rather than how other looks, I'd guess its the same for this bloke.

Muffins12232195d ago

Umm srry to say this but it wont be able to play next gen 3rd party titles like the new star wars game or Watch dogs.....but the controller,they have a alternative guys,it looks like a 360 controller and acully looks good for fps and other games.So the controller is fine,im surprised you did not mention that Poprock sense you tend to be in favor of this console.In my eyes its okay but im not buying it.

NobodyImportant2195d ago

People care about the Wii U's power because they're looking for a reason to upgrade from their PS3s and 360s.

We're looking for something that captures our imagination.
So far we've seen a gamepad with a screen that has been used for inventory, sniping, mini games and a few other gimmicky additions.
I'm sure Nintendo have something cool up their sleeves but WE haven't seen it yet.

Naturally the next thing we turn to is power.
And because a few of us got burned by the Wii this gen...
(Gimmicky controller, marginally more powerful than the gen before.)
...we want to know if this is the Wii all over again or a worthy Next Gen console.

Time will tell.

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-Superman-2195d ago

I know power wont make gameplay better, but more power = better grahpic, more stuff, bigger game.

When you got like Wii, you cant make GTA 4 on Wii beucase Wii is weak. So you need power to make GTA 4 on Wii.

So, thats why people care about Wii U power

ChickeyCantor2195d ago

"I know power wont make gameplay better, but more power = better grahpic, more stuff, bigger game.

More costs, more risks.
Just because there is more power to work with, doesn't automatically mean that games will be bigger.

-Superman-2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

The thing is... PS3 and Xbox 360 has pushed to limits and PS4 and Xbox720 will have big grahpic leap.

Thing worrys me that when they make games like GTA 6, or some big new games, then they make it on Xbox720 and PS4 which has alot power, and Wii U is too weak to run this game.

So it will be Wii over again.

To I remember seeing a comparison between Wii U and PS3 showing AC3 and Wii U looked better even though it was off screen footage.

AC3 may looks a little bit better on Wii U, but when AC4 comes to PS4 and X720, then Wii U is too weak to run it. So does it help? It has only 7 month grahpic leap, then Wii U is outdated.

Hisiru2195d ago

If you play PC games with high settings then you should know we won't have a huge leap in the next gen. Also, Wii lacked a lot of VERY important GPU features and it also lacked HD visuals, that's why the Wii looks so terrible when compared to the x360/PS3, and that's why it couldn't handle some engines, it's not just about power, it's more about GPU features.

Now the WiiU has all the features to run any next gen engine and it probably won't look that bad when compared to the x720/PS4 games. I believe the WiiU x x720/PS4 will be like PS2 x xbox1.

PS2 was inferior but it had much better support and games. Maybe the same thing will happen with the WiiU? I doubt, but the PS2 is proof that we can't downplay the WiiU before it is released.

-Superman-2195d ago

You can disagree as much you want, i dont care.
Fact is, when PS4 and X720 has lot power, then Wii U will be same as PS3 and Xbox 360 against Wii.

Which means no new Call of Duty, GTA, Assassisn Creed or other big titles on Wii U because its too weak to run it.

Wii U may get old multiplatform games what are already on PS3 or Xbox 360, but it wont get games what coming on PS4 and Xbox720.

PopRocks3592195d ago

Er... you don't have a spec sheet on any of those consoles, do you? Because I'd sure as hell love to see them.

Hisiru2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

It's sad to see people misinformed like you making stupid comments like this one. And you wonder why people give you disagrees.

Wii doesn't even have programable shadders and this is one of the reasons it can't run some engines, has nothing to do with power, it's more about GPU features. WiiU will have all the features for next gen engines (even the Iphone will have Unreal Engine 4 support because it already has all the required features for the UE4). That's why the WiiU will be able to handle every engine and every next generation game (but of course, it won't have the same quality). All the GPU and CPU features are there. This time, developers will be able to make WiiU versions of any game.

Also, the Wii always had Call of Duty titles (even the new games like Modern Warfare 3), you are very misinformed. Do you know why Wii has all the COD titles (even if it's just an inferior version)? Because the Wii has all the features to run the COD engine, just like the WiiU has all the features to run Unreal Engine 4 and the next generation engines.

Now I think you should learn more about development before you spread more wrong infos.

TruthbeTold2195d ago

'Which means no new Call of Duty'

Right... Since CoD has been pushing the graphics envelope... Oh wait, no, they've been shamelessly and unapologetically putting out the same 'Just enough detail, just enough resolution' graphics since 2007.

admiralthrawn872195d ago

if you're put off by the controller, check out the wii-u pro controller

attilayavuzer2195d ago

I think the reason most gamers are irritated is because we actually WANT Nintendo to release another amazing system, they're just constantly disappointing. Most of us grew up with SNES/N64 and have amazing memories with them, but it's irritating that Nintendo opts to release inferior hardware instead of being cutting edge as they were in the past.

It'd be incredible to have all the classic Nintendo franchises as current titles that competed with Uncharted graphically. I mean seriously imagine that? Especially with as cartoony as their games are they'd look mindblowing. It's just frustrating that they decided to betray their hardcore fans to expand gaming to soccer moms, and instead of fixing it by making a serious leap with the Wii U, it seems they're apologizing by giving gamers what they should have 6 years ago...

Too little too late imo

JsonHenry2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

While most gamers have no problem playing games that may not have the best graphics because they are fun or the art direction dictates the less than stellar graphics.

HOWEVER- games that strive for realism such as CoD or RPGs with high end graphics should look as good as possible. And why would I choose to buy a game for the WiiU that looks more realistic on another console?

Graphics are not everything. I agree. But if you are going to buy a game for a system wouldn't you buy the one that looks the best. (assuming they play the same across all platforms)

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Fishy Fingers2195d ago

Because Ghz = Fun.

Unless you mention PCs. Then that doesnt count.

user54670072195d ago

because it's next gen...thats why

live2play2195d ago

because here in america we like to measure our d!ck sizes and compare them to others

we think bigger is better

h311rais3r2195d ago

More power means better AI, physics, particles, draw distance, level design etc

That's why we care. Graphics aren't te reason for power.

mamotte2195d ago

It was ok until draw distance. Best level design is a work for the designer of the game. And nintendo is one of the best doing it. In an underpowered Wii, you know.

TruthbeTold2195d ago

Please h311rais3r, consider these things. Do you really think that 99% of developers are going to use the extra power of a 'PS4' and 'Xbox720' for those things and inflate already overly expensive development costs? Do you really think that Sony and MS are going to release new consoles that are heads and tails more powerful than the Wii U even though their current systems tax developers when it comes to cost and difficulty to program for? No.

Like you see on a lot of PC games, more power means less work for optimization. Meaning developers can cut corners, be sloppy and still get decent results rather than pushing the console to get everything they can out of it.

Graphics will not make a significant leap on consoles over the next few years. A few developers will push the physics/particles/etc envelope, but not many of them, because they know that most gamers can't and won't recognize the difference to an extent that makes it worthwhile. 100,000 elitist GHZ whores don't make a big enough difference in sales to make such development costs affordable.

Seeing as the Wii U is to some undisclosed extent more capable than current gen consoles, it will most likely have the same games, with very comparable look and feel to the others.

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