Rumor: Wii U Coming In December To $500 Price Point

Loud Mouthed Gamers: "Well this is slightly unexpected, not that the Wii U’s release date has been leaked, but that the price hovers around $499. According to Amazon Germany the console is set to release on December 21."


UPDATE: We've had someone translate this for us and part of it reads: "Please note that Nintendo has not yet provided retail price and the price may drop even more."

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-Mika-1983d ago

Nintendo not that stupid. They learned their lesson with the 3ds.

guitarded771983d ago

Just a placeholder... while they would initially sell out even at $500 right before the holiday, the sales would not be sustained.

darthv721983d ago

$399.99 at the most. I would venture it could be $349.99 but ideally $299.99 would be a solid price to launch at.

GribbleGrunger1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Nintendo know that the price of their console has to be cheaper than a Vita+PS3, and Sony know that if it's just a little bit cheaper than the Vita+PS3 then they can reduce the price of the Vita. Expect a bundle from Sony around Christmas with LBP2 and the DLC that allows for FULL Vita and PS3 integration

this is an interesting game of chess

WeskerChildReborned1983d ago

Who would buy at $500? A more attracting price at the least would be $350 and anything lower would just be the better.

inveni01983d ago

It won't cost $500, because it won't cost them that much to build.

Let's say that it's built with today's equivalent of 360 hardware. That would make it a little more powerful than the 360 (which most developers seem to agree that it is). The 360 MIGHT cost about $100 to make. I only guess that because you can build a computer with similar features as powerful as the 360 for about that price. The fancy WiiU controller is just a cheap-ass tablet. It's not even multitouch. It's the cheapest "mobile" screen they could find. And it can't cost more than $100 to make, either.

So Nintendo is about $200 deep in manufacturing. That means they could launch this thing at $249 and do just dandy. But they probably won't. They'll probably launch at $299 to help cover advertising costs, customer services, etc. That price still keeps it competitive with PS3.

They won't go above $299 unless they just want to look like it's a bigger deal than it actually is...which is entirely likely.

sikbeta1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

No [email protected]#$ing way it'll cost $500! just... no way!


Nintendo profits from day 1 on HW, more raw power, more costly, no subsidized HW, higher price, so I'm sure they packed enough to make the leap in HW but without going nuts with the price-tag, the only thing that needs to be known is how much the U-pad cost

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-Superman-1983d ago

Its 399 euro and it comes out in december.
Thats what my friend told me from Nintendo company.

Starbucks_Fan1982d ago

Shouldn't you be flying around the world kicking ass instead of making stupid comments?

NonApplicable1982d ago

"Never trust Superman"
Thats what my friend told me from Nintendo company.

_-EDMIX-_1983d ago

They very much would and could. If you think about how much the 3DS sold before its price drop, Nintendo sold a few million even at a high price.

Whose to say there plan isn't to do the same here.

I love how people think it was "a mistake" um...maybe they had almost zero intention to actually keep it at $250, but see how much sales they can get before they drop it.

I suspect $399 is there real price, but $499 is there launch price before they say "oh...our bad. We made a mistake and learned our lesson (stuffs briefcase)"


Oh_Yeah1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

if this is true, no thanks. 299$ sounds more likely though from the amazon preorder. wiiu games on gamestop are 100$ also? surely that cant be. with a 500$ console and 100$ games nintendo is asking for failure . i mean right now i can buy 3 ps3 slims or 3 xbox 360 slims for 450 at my local pawn shop lol.

miyamoto1983d ago

"Nintendo not that stupid"


Some people say that's why they might repeat the 3DS pricing scheme again. Make money on Nintendo loyalists first with a few million units then the price cut - which is piss off stupid.

chaldo1982d ago

I think it will be $250-$300

OpenGL1982d ago

It will probably launch at $299. The price in Europe is supposed to be €279, and if I recall they unveiled the Japanese price and it was equivalent to $340 so the $299 price seems likely, as the U.S. usually gets consoles at a lower price than Japan and Europe.

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Axonometri1983d ago

$499 and 3 days before Christmas? Really?

H2OAcidic1983d ago

Well aren't a lot of things high priced due to Christmas?

WeskerChildReborned1983d ago

No, everything is actually suppose to be cheaper cause of Christmas.

kneon1983d ago

Not if you launch late in order to hopefully create a buying frenzy before the holidays.

Hanif-8761983d ago

Its like paying $500 for an Xbox360 that came out 7 years ago. The tech used for the Wii U is not much better, so why would i ever pay that much for it? $350 and not a penny more!

yabhero1983d ago

You have the WiiU specs?

metroid321983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

What you all forget is all this power talk is just ghz and mhz the raw graphics are way way above the 360 its can do DX11 comparable graphics it does proper anti alaising at 1080p/60fps the ps3 can only dream of these capabilities,all i'm saying is people are getting ahead of themselves with all this raw power talk,the wiiu has 4 cores at 3ghz and 16 threads end of and the gpu is a HD6770 very powerful graphics about 7 times that of 360,how do i work this out the 360 gpu is 250 giggaflops the HD6779 is 1,4 terraflops WORK IT OUT.

Not to mention the cpu is a moderm cpu that does way more than the 360,its called being more modern just like gearbox and epic said the cpu is modern with powerful features and 32MB of EDRAM and 2 GIG of RAM,thats 4 times the RAM and 7 times the EDRAM of the 360 the only console in history to have 5mb of EDRAM this RAM is used for extreme calculations for major upgrades in gamesplay ect and to have 32MB/728mb is amazing in terms of power and shits on the 360 its why the wiiu can have better versions of ports right out the gate ????? THICK DILUSSIONAL PEOPLE ON HERE END OF.

Lets see what Crytek's partner thats making a wiiu game on CE3 looks like ground up i bet it shits on most pc games ?? LETS SEE

Hanif-8761982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Nope. However, i have seen the multiplatform games and they don't even look better than that of the PS3. Take Batman Arkham City for example, or the exclusive ZombieU which doesn't look anything out of current gen reach. Hence, i can make a pretty reasonable guess that the specs comparable to that of current gen consoles.

Khordchange1983d ago

this quote possibly the dumbest rumor I have heard, who approved this? Who wrote this article?

solidjun51983d ago

I'm calling bollocks on this one. I'm guessing $300 but not $500. That would be suicide.

Fyflin1983d ago

Not a chance. PS3 struggled at $500/600 and that was cutting edge tech with blu ray as a huge selling point.

_-EDMIX-_1983d ago

The PS3 was actually World Wide selling better then the 360 was at that $600/500 price point.

Though they dropped it, they made a lot of money back that they would had needed to work years to get out of the red.

Them being in the black now might have to do with that infamous $600 launch price. Remember people, this is a marathon NOT a race.

If Nintendo does a $499 system, i wouldn't blame them. Shit i would do the same thing. Keep it $499 for about 5 to 6 months and then lower it to "the real price" lol! The first adapters will help this happen and keep happening. LOL