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For Marvel Pinball Avengers Chronicles, the development house ventures past the confines of stanch simulation, delivering four tables which offer mechanics inimitable by actual machines.

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JRPGLuva1884d ago

4 tables for $10.00. But how many cheevios?

sharpsword1884d ago

Ive heard there's only 1 achievement per table. MS locked it down to 99 per application.

No idea if PS3 trophies are the same way.

madmad1884d ago

Eeew, that's not cool.

RaptorMan1884d ago

The one bad thing about the PS3 version is that you nudge by moving the controller. It's way too easy to tilt.

mediastudies1884d ago

I've heard these are some of the best tables yet. I'll be picking it up for sure.

Dartagnan1879d ago

Yep, each MP:AC table has one achievement (50 GS/table, 200 GS total) on XBLA and three trophies on PSN. ;)