'Steam for Schools' is a free version of Steam for students, facilitates Portal 2-based lessons

Joystiq: "Steam for Schools" is Valve's next push into edutainment. This summer, educators can apply for beta inclusion in the program, which includes a "limited version of Steam" featuring Portal 2, the game's level editor, and its workshop for hosting and organizing user-created levels. This new version of Steam will be free for educators (in and out of beta), and will give educators administrator access – meaning that kids cannot share levels.

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TopDudeMan2160d ago

I like valve, that's such a nice thing to do.

Fatty2160d ago

Ethics lesson: you have to incinerate your faithful Companion Cube to go home for the day. What do you do?

wallis2160d ago

Haha! Sorry but your children - for some inexplicable reason - all think they're adopted.