Microtransactions will be in every game, says EA

COO Peter Moore says in five to 10 years, all titles will allow players to install a client for free, then charge for add-ons; $60 games may survive.

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Yi-Long2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

... I just want to pay a normal amount of money for a game and just get the complete experience.

And thus have access to the same experience as everyone else is getting!

Very simple.

-Mika-2076d ago

I agree. microtransactions should only be allowed on MMO and farm sims. Other than that, don't bring that crap to full fledge games. It just a horrible idea.

ABizzel12075d ago

Microtransactions are great, as long as they're handled appropriately.

MariaHelFutura2076d ago

All DLC is really a microtransaction. With that said basically ALL games have microtransactions attached to them currently.

MrMister2075d ago

This is why ea is hated. They actually talk as if they expect gamers to be openly impressed with their ambitions to squeeze more money out of gaming. What is mind boggling, is that EA is so delussional that they cant understand just how much this translates to greed in the eyes of gamers. EA will fail. Other than Tetris, most of their other games are geared towards core gamers (ironically), but no real gamer would put up with that micro transaction crap. RIP to EA, Activision and Capcom, people will say enough is enough, and will leave you when real developers like Valve, naughty dog, etc continue to treat us with respect while you dont. Lol good luck with that greedy attitude :D

Pandamobile2076d ago

I don't doubt it at the rate we're heading. I just hope that developers figure out how to properly use them in games without creating a disadvantage for non-payers.

Take Valve's example of the Mann Co. Store.

cemelc2076d ago

Im thinking more like lol, seems fair to me, and you have to work a little to unlock champions and stuff

allyc4t2076d ago

I don't mind this one bit, as long as the microtransactions are only in games that are free.

Theangrybogan2076d ago

Here's a new jingle for EA. "another reason to say, FUCK EA"

Seriously though if EA keep making these cash grabbing statements/actions theyre going to alienate their core audience.

CommanderWTF2076d ago

Haven't you already done enough EA?

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