Halo 4 interview with MLG Pro Naded

Brett "Naded" Leonard is one of eight MLG pros who got to try out the new Halo 4 multiplayer at E3 earlier this month. Examiner recently caught up Brett to ask him what the game is like.

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tigertron1945d ago

To be honest, we should all be able to play a Halo 4 demo.

It would be great if 343i let us play the E3 demo and really build some hype.

supraking9511945d ago

no demos and open betas are bad for games, it doesnt build hype at all it. People dont realize demos and open betas aren't the final product. If CoD released a demo or open beta for multiplayer it would lessen sales.

tigertron1945d ago

I wasn't talking about a beta, just the demo that we saw.

Betas are a great idea, it enables developers to stress test their servers properly, they also get a wider range of feedback and a large amount of testers can pick up on bugs that internal testers may have missed.

If anything, a problematic launch due to the lack of a beta with glitches, exploits and lag is more likely to damage sales.

Besides, the guy interviewed is just an ordinary gamer.

TotalSynthesisX1945d ago

Don't quote me on this since I don't remember where I read it, but I think I remember reading an article somewhere that O'Connor said there will be a demo for Halo 4, just not a beta.

I'll re-reply when/if I find said article.