Will Spec Ops: The Line be anything like it was advertised to be?

theBitFix's Joe Natalzia writes: "I was excited for The Line. As a huge fan of the Rainbow Six: Vegas series, the initial spotlight seemed to shine from that end, but with the promise of moral complexity to back it up. Put simply, it wasn’t there. With so many shooters on the shelves, I was really in the mood for something different. Sadly, The Line was not that something"

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Double_Oh_Snap2191d ago

Put simply, It's a demo. There are many more hours to be played.
So really it's wait and see, I'm very interested to play the story. They said it's inspired by Heart of Darkness which is never a bad thing.

MysticStrummer2191d ago

The demo gameplay turned me off. I'm not saying it was terrible, just nothing I feel I have to play, at least not at full new release price.

lifesanrpg2191d ago

From what I've heard, Spec Ops The Line is more about the story. The gameplay is just a generic shooter, but it seems to be the story that is the hook

Hazmat132191d ago

its the story for me, and with the voice of nolan north it will be great. also its a new setting for a game.

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