Beyond: Two Souls PS3 interrogates top three Most Wished For titles

Sony Corp.’s Beyond: Two Souls ranked in the top three ‘Most Wished For’ titles at Inc. this week due to building demand.

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NukaCola2039d ago

Wow! Good for Sony and their developers.

1. Last of Us
2. Beyond: Two Souls
3. God of War: Ascension

DrRichtofen2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I'd switch God of War with Last Guardian, then make another list of 3 put GOW: A in that and add Agent and Time Splitters 4, but thats in my own wish for lists lol.

Godmars2902039d ago

Good news for the game, but I need to try the demo to be convinced its nothing more than an interactive movie.

NukaCola2039d ago

You clearly don't know David Cage. This is an interactive dramatic experience. He claims he doesn't make mere video games. I am definitely getting this day one.

mrmancs2039d ago

imagine a zombie game done like this with the same quality graphics and same sort of gameplay..please answer my prayers :)

Thatguy-3102039d ago

well a horror genre game will be intense. Lets say something like Friday the 13th. It gives you a lot of characters and there choices changes the game.

ApolloAdams2039d ago

Please release a demo for this game. I got burned paying for Heavy Rain still a good story though.

Ramas2039d ago

1. Beyond two souls
2. Watch dogs
3. GTA 5
4. Last of us
5. Tomb raider
6. Assassins creed 3
7. dead space 3

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