3 reasons Dragon's Dogma is a triumph of design over Skyrim

Dragon's Dogma might play to similar fantasy tropes as Oblivion and Skyrim, but developer Capcom has designed much better combat, dialogue, and exploration.

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aliengmr2098d ago

Skyrim is on the PC. Skyrim has mods. I would also wonder what the DLC situation will be like. Bethesda may not be treading new ground with Skyrim, but they tend to give you a lot of game for the money. Capcom on the other hand...

Louis_Guzman2098d ago

I like all the bugs and glitches Bethesda gives it's games.

310dodo2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

The world is really small. Until level 14 walking around is "tough".

I loved the Pawn system. pretty revolutionary for companion sake. First A.I. companions I didnt hate

IMO i hated the ferrystone system.

Skyrim is king though.

matmadd2097d ago

why an article about dragon's dogma must have "skyrim" in the title to be interesting??

DasTier2092d ago

Because its a joke of a game. You remember when Homefront insulted COD and BF to get attention? People bought there game.

They then realized it suck, but by that time it was to late to get your money back. Its just a tactic crappy games have to do to get attention.

cm_2097d ago

I really like the design and look of dragon's dogma. in fact I prefer it to skyrim.