Windows Phone 8 to have “Killer Games”

Microsoft has lifted the curtain on their newest entry into the mobile platform, Windows Phone 8. Some major features include a new star menu and a new wallet hub, but Microsoft has said that Windows Phone 8 will have a big push for “killer games.”

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GraveLord2221d ago

Angry Birds port confirmed.

h311rais3r2221d ago Show
nukeitall2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Actually, I think this makes perfect sense and will contribute to many awesome games on Windows 8 platform. It's gonna be crazy the sort of games we are going to get.

Now please make the Xbox 360 controller functional on Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8!

dedicatedtogamers2221d ago

If Android and iOS have only a handful of "killer games", why in the world would anyone expect Windows Phone 8 (which will sell infinitely less and have much less support) to have "killer games"? Am I the only one who remembers the Zune and Windows Phone 7?

mcgrottys2221d ago

Because windows phone 8 and windows 8 use the same kernel therefore apps barely even need to be ported, an app for windows 8 using native C or C++ will be able to run on a windows phone 8 device with little to no porting needed. It took Havok about 3 weeks to port most of their engine to windows phone 8 and 3 weeks may seem long but for porting a whole physics engine that is very impressive.

And windows 8 will have a very big market share when it releases and therefore a lot of apps and then placing apps on windows phone 8 will be a no risk decent reward thing to do.

nukeitall2221d ago

You can't write jack squat in 3-weeks, let alone a physics engine. That is mighty impressive!

dedicatedtogamers2221d ago

Do you understand what "market share" means? Because I sure hope it doesn't mean "the market from the Zune and Windows Phone 7", because if that's the case, WP8 is effed from the get.

mcgrottys2218d ago


No no, I meant windows 8 marketshare (laptops desktops tablets) and converting apps from windows 8 to WP8 will be much easier.


well the didn't write the whole physics engine they just got the windows 7 one and converted that in 3 weeks.

kevnb2221d ago

I wonder if windows phone 7 phones will get the upgrade...