3D gaming is dead (and good riddance)

After two years of full-throttle support from Sony and Nintendo, it's time to make it official: The 3D gaming fad is over.

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NYC_Gamer2071d ago

3D gaming isn't dead it's just not in the mainstream spotlight

Tired2071d ago

I enjoy gaming in 3D.

GamerSciz2071d ago

Same....I have played through KZ3, Uncharted 3, and GT5 in 3D. They have all been very enjoyable "new perspective" experiences. I tried UC3 MP in 3D and it was neat but not worthwhile.

I bought a 3D TV awhile back and I am happy with my purchase.

Diver2071d ago

haha look its bitmob missing the mark again and trying to dictate what matters to the gamer. sorry itty bitty mob but 3d gaming is alive an well.

I just finished arkham city all in 3d an it rocked an im halfway through r&c all 4 one with buddies also running 3d. the only thing bein proved dead is game journalism.

Cocozero2071d ago

When Sony doesn't mention it at E3 for their biggest games you know its dead.

Pandamobile2071d ago

Sony is hardly the main propagator of 3D gaming :P

Lior2071d ago

I pay a lot of games on ps3 in 3d it's great

SybaRat2071d ago

He's right...I checked. 3D didn't get mentioned once during Sony's press conference, not even in passing. Huh.

mrmancs2071d ago

what idiot wrote this? 3d rules.

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The story is too old to be commented.