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Persona 4 The Golden Causes PlayStation Vita Sales Surge

PlayStation Vita saw a tiny sales surge in last week's sales chart in the buildup to Persona 4 The Golden's release. But the real surge came in this week's chart as the system more than doubled its weekly sales to 34,459 units. (Persona 4: The Golden, PS Vita)

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Snookies12  +   920d ago
Hah! Yay for Persona 4! Can't wait to buy this, day one. Definitely one of my favorite RPGs ever.
PoSTedUP  +   919d ago
i just bought one just for this game. = ]
favorite rpg/jrpg franchise of all time.
Eyanxw  +   919d ago
Considering persona wasnt really a world renowned title (released 2 yrs late in the ps2 lifespan) , it did exceptionally well in Japan. Wasn't expecting it to top the charts.
Canary  +   919d ago
Er, Persona is one of the higher-profile, mainstream RPG series out there. Or at least it has been since the wildly popular Persona 3.

If you didn't expect it to top the charts, that just means you haven't been paying attention.

For several years.
Eyanxw  +   919d ago
I recently started P3P and absolutely loved it but when i asked my friends who were console gamers abt it, they didnt know abt it. So i just assumed it was a low profile game that released late in the ps2s life
Cryptcuzz  +   919d ago
Glad the PSV got a small boost in sales. I hope after TGS, things would pick up big time for the system. I really want it to do well so more awesome games like Gravity Rush can be made.
RufustheSage  +   919d ago
Not really surprised! Can't wait for it here!
McSpermie  +   919d ago
At this point it's one of the only reasons to own one, not very surprised. I really wish this was also getting a PSN release.
TheColbertinator  +   919d ago
Persona 4 Golden will be my reason for getting a Vita.
Blacklight82   919d ago | Spam
TBM  +   919d ago
I've never played any of the persona games, and im really considering getting this one but one question what style of game is this, and would i really enjoy this game. im always up for a style of game im not use to.
BlaqMagiq24  +   919d ago
Its a JRPG but its definitely not your average one. It's basically a game where school life meets traditional dungeon crawling games. While it may sound crazy, you really to have to experience it for yourself.
TBM  +   919d ago
Cool thanks for the feedback I'll definitely give this a go when it releases in the fall.
RmanX1000  +   918d ago
I'd recommend not playnig the remake of Persona 1. While it was the start of it all, the remake itself has a broken encounter rate, and the music specifically made for it isnt the most memorable. Look into the remake of Persona 2, Persona 3 FES on the PS2 Classics, Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden. These are the better games in my opinion.
supremacy  +   919d ago
This device needs third party support, and lots of it. But it all starts with Sony themselves, they simply need to to pahse the psp out and force 3rd parties to make their psp projects into vita projects. Regardless of how long it may take them to get it done.

Monster hunter on vita would likely feature
Better graphics
Dual analog sticks and touch controls
Psn support like party,near and such

Now imagine that access across the board.

Final fantasy x and soul sacrafice as well as that Ys game are next, keep it up.
omarzy  +   919d ago
persona 4 was the best game to be released on the ps2, and in 2009 for that matter, but is this like persona 3 portable(way better on ps2) where you do not walk around, just faces with text screens?
mttrackmaster38  +   919d ago
Nope. It's still got the 3d environments. It also comes with a ton of stuff added in.
Skateboard  +   919d ago
I cant wait it to come to the states. I have been spamming the E3 2012 trailer 4 times everyday, LOL.
RmanX1000  +   918d ago
Ik im buying a Vita just for this.
izumo_lee  +   918d ago
It is too bad that we have to wait for the fall for a western release of this game. As people can tell by my avatar Persona 4 is one of my fave games so seeing a new upgraded version on the Vita will be awesome.

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