New Naruto Possibly Revealed in Jump

The latest issue of Jump appears to have first details on the next PS3 and Xbox 360 Naruto game, Narutimate Storm 3.

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Lavalamp2100d ago

Missed out on Generations so I'd be down for a full-on sequel to UNS2. Wonder where they can take this franchise next.

Snookies122100d ago

Well if they follow the manga, there is more than enough material for them to make an Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 now. The only thing is, not a whole lot of people follow the manga and focus more on the anime itself. With that in mind, they don't want to delve too deeply past where the show is at.

Honestly, I think they might just wait a little longer on UNS3. Maybe try their hand at a different series? I'd love to see Ultimate Ninja 6 on this generation of consoles.

Lavalamp2100d ago

They'll probably do what they did with Generations and cover material that is currently manga-only but will be adapted into the anime by the time the game reaches its release date in 2013.

GraveLord2100d ago


Cool it with these releases. Ever since the fist Ultimate Ninja Storm, the quality has gone down.

noxeven2100d ago

I really hope they go back to the story mode format of storm 1 and 2 I enjoyed that more then generations. Reminded me of dot hack with storm 2 email msg system. I gotta admit that I did enjoy the characters in generations though

CanadianTurtle2100d ago

After Generations, these cell shaded Naruto fighters feel kind of generic now. Its sad because they're almost never really improving the fighting system, they're just adding flashy special moves.