Can “God of War – Ascension” Ascend To The Top?

God of War – Ascension is the latest offering by Sony’s Santa Monica studios. After God of War 3, everybody wondered what was next for our beloved Kratos. Well, as it turns out, it’s right back to where it all started. Every end has a beginning, and that is exactly where Kratos is going.

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Chitown712912162d ago

I admit, I wasn't excited when i first saw the demo.....but the more i look at it, it still looks as epic as ever.......Cant wait to see the rest for the game. Day 1 buy for me.

RememberThe3572162d ago

I'm a huge God of War fan, and I have been since the day the first game came out. But that E3 demo left me scratching my head. Every game in the series seemed to have a reason for its existence - they all showed something we hadn't seen before. But that demo didn't show anything compelling. I was left wondering why they even showed us that demo if all they had to show us was some Crack in Time gameplay and some dismemberment that we've grown accustomed to. Do get me wrong I liked what I was but I didn't see anything that seemed worth a new title.

Cajun Chicken2162d ago

It's a shame because this installment seems less integral to the story of Kratos over Ready at Dawn's prequels even though the big guys at Santa Monica are making it. It's terrible, but what happens if this isn't as good as the Origins Collection?

nemrawy2162d ago

Pappy admits that the main focus is on the multiplayer and from what've seen it looks Freaking-Awesome!!!!!

showtimefolks2162d ago

pre ordered limited edition been a long time GOW fan this one won't be any different quality wise so day one for sure

just a question why did they change the director? david jaffe left on his own after GOW1 and the director of GOW2 also left on his own but isn't stig still big part of SMS?

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