Breaking Lara: Tomb Raider like we've never seen it before

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael writes, "Throughout my own childhood and adolescence, I threw Lara off cliffs and watched her die in the most painful ways possible for the sake of progressing. It was often difficult to figure out which rocky juts were actually viable platforms and which would send Lara plummeting to her doom. Taking risks was a natural part of Tomb Raider, and with the convenience of saving anytime in the earlier games, players never so much as blinked when their clumsy mistake caused Lara to careen off mountainsides, drown in underwater labyrinths, or die in the clutches of a mythological monster or ferocious bear."

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GuyThatPlaysGames2069d ago

Seems to be the Tomb Raider games no longer have you "raiding tombs" like you used to. It's a shame. :( RIP Laura

Raka2069d ago

thx but i will stick with nathan drake..nice try tho lara