Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – 5 Tips and Tactics To Give You The Edge In Close Quarters Combat

MP1st - "To make the transition to the new Close Quarters expansion pack little bit smoother, I’ve compiled five personal tips that I think might help those still struggling and those who’ve yet to try out the maps but want a slight edge upon their first attempts."

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venom062099d ago

great article with some helpful hints.. THE NEW MAPS ARE GREAT, fun and exciting... interestingly, DICE does close quarters better than CoD.... this is a great option to the big, vehicular maps of vanilla BF3.. diversity and options are great... BF3 offers it all...

h311rais3r2098d ago

Yea they ate great for when you want to get up close an personal. Those who say there's no tactics on the maps clearly haven't played against a teamed squad.

Those who say the maps are small haven't played them. They are quite large but they are just narrow hallways and large rooms and parking garages. Close quarters doesn't mean tiny. 3 cod maps fit in 1 cq map...

Hufandpuf2098d ago

I suggest using the A-91 weapon, without RDS. The RDS is only good in some cases, but in CQ where people are running around, it can be pretty hard to hit a target when your accuracy at the hip is TOO GOOD. A little recoil spread works great.

Good tips on the CQD. Too many times I've seen people running from flag to flag, and have to retake flags they already just took. I get SO MANY kills by sticking to two flags because I know for a fact enemies are going to try to cap them.

Also, don't bunch up too much. It's effective to roll through a map with 4 guys, but being spread out is much better (If you are the ones winning). If your losing, try to steamroll, but once you get 2 or more flags, don't bunch up.

Detoxx2097d ago

C4 at flag = trolololo time