Black Ops is Literally Shakespeare

BT writes: “It’s not Shakespeare or anything, but…..”

In the English-speaking world this phrase is a well-worn cliché for excusing deficiencies in storytelling in an otherwise enjoyable work. Many were the Call of Duty fans who defended entries like Black Ops, saying “It’s not Shakespeare or anything, but it’s fun.” Some reviews even used the phrase verbatim to describe the game. The only problem is Call of Duty: Black Ops is quite literally Shakespeare.

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violents2098d ago

Really? Really? Honestly you could say just about any story is realistically imatating shakespear.he pretty much detailed and outlined all modern story telling structures and types. Nearly every type of story, drama, tragedy, comedy and there are a few others i cant recall at the moment, were made popular by shakespear. So really nearly any storyline would be able to be compared in some small part to a work of shakespear.

But to be honest.... Really?

Moby-Royale2098d ago

Allow me to try and answer your questions.

1. Really.

2. Really.

And finally...

3. Really.