Microsoft Announces DirectX Kernel for Windows Phone 8 Gaming

Microsoft is attempting to blur the lines between the desktop and phone. What does that mean for gaming? With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, users of both platforms will see similar experiences thanks to a shared DirectX-enabled kernel.

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jon12342191d ago

Mmmmm directx pop corn

Diver2191d ago

they better do something. when steam hits linux its gonna shake the os world.

nukeitall2191d ago

You mean how Linus Torvalds (the creator of Linux kernel and current maintainer) just gave the middle finger to nvidia!

Linus Torvalds says "f--k you" to NVIDIA

Even if Steam or whatever other digital store comes to Linux, it's still a fragmented and non-viable OS for gaming.

Apple is far a bigger threat than Linux ever will be.

I really think DirectX on Windows Phone 8 is fantastic. Now you can code games for tablets, desktop OS and smart phones in one go!

3GenGames2191d ago

"Apple is far a bigger threat than Linux ever will be."

The same Apple that has their desktop run a botched Linux kernel?


morganfell2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

I can see by your comments nukeitall you failed to watch the full presentation, rather than that excerpt video from with you garned your kernel of wisdom Tsk tsk, a fatal error. First of all, even in that clip he says it is an exception. You then need to go watch the entire presentation.

You really have no idea how you look having taken your comment from the incomplete presentation. You will see he is correct. Nvidia has provided full support to Linux with the exception of a few incidents. And they are that...few. Nvidia dropped the ball. When was the last time you ran Linux. Nvidia's support has been quite good recently. Before that speech there was this:

You might want to try Google. It's a wonderful site. It will show you how much Nvidia has stepped up. Linus can say what he wants and Nvidia knows it. Their screwups were few and they have tightened up their act. You should really try Linux since it is apparent you know nothing of the community.

You also have ATI supporting Linux.

Do you really believe, honestly, do you really believe that when Steam comes to Linux Nvidia will not be busting their ass? if that is your take you know nothing about Nvidia and their business.

Apple? Really? How much has their desktop market gained in the past 3 -4 years? Do you know anything about the server market? Linux already rules that.

TheKayle2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

here we go directx

i really doubt that in years of easy touchscreens...linux can have back a word..on the OS world....

is just too complicated for the 99.9% of the ppl....that now just like to say.."tv play music"...or touch here and share the photo....steam on linux will be good for ppl that use linux..not for all the 99% of the users they just dont care...

and the time of the geeks and end...guys

nukeitall2191d ago

Yup! I love Linux and use it extensively by choice for my webservers that I maintain (CentOS). It's fantastic, extremely stable, but the learning curve is steep. Messing around with fragmentation issues such as some apps don't work on on distribution, compiling your own software after editing fixes and dealing with command line isn't something the general public cares about.

If you think Metro is bad, you haven't tried Linux GUI!

Soldierone2191d ago

So its basically PlayStation Suit for Windows phone

nukeitall2191d ago

Far from it, because Playstation Suite is for Androids and is practically only supported by HTC when the devices arrive outside of Sony. The thing is practically dead on arrival.

This is a unification of Windows 8 onto every device, from desktop PC, tablets and to smart phones. Since it's Windows, every major brand will have a product for it. The opportunity is far bigger than PS Suite, and is far more flexible, because it isn't just for gaming. Developers can now target all three segments with one codebase.

Soldierone2191d ago

How does that make it any different? The disagrees are funny.

PlayStation Suit is a unified thing that ensures all games and apps on it work with a PlayStation Certified device. The PlayStation branding is across a majority of Sony's own products, including their tablets, phones, and Vita. Sony will test and ensure everything works fine for all the devices.

This is a thing to ensure all these apps work with Windows 8 based devices. AKA Windows 8 phones, MS' own tablets, and anyone that wants to use it.

Like I said its MS' own PlayStation Suit. I don't care if PS Suite is "dead on arrival" its the same exact idea being used for their own products. Obviously MS isn't going to take Sony's idea for their own product....

nukeitall2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

The obvious difference is Playstation Suite is an app that only work on devices that Sony says can and only sells games, while Windows 8 is a freaken entire OS built for different device segments that includes user migration to the cloud, directx support, and a host of other APIs.

It's hardly the same thing, unless you don't know the difference. All programs aren't the same just because they all are called programs. By your *implied* and loose definition, Java itself is the same as PS Suite.

"Obviously MS isn't going to take Sony's idea for their own product.... "

As if, Sony's idea is unique? Nobody else have tried cross platform development before? You know like XNA, coding for PC and Xbox 360? Heck, the Linux community has been doing this for decades.

Also, it doesn't matter who came up with what, because I'm almost certain I can always find a predecessor. It's about who makes it useful and is adopted by the masses.

kevnb2191d ago

playstation suite isnt an api...

TheKayle2191d ago

lol playstation suite ?!?!? lol ps suite is just a software that run on google android...

this is sharing drivers..and stuff....that make developers make the same game for multiple devices changin little bit of codes...

mistajeff2191d ago

Smart. But I'm still not getting a windows phone.

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