Escape from Paradise - Explore outside the Burnout demo limits

Using a rather crafty trick it's possible to escape from the confines of the Burnout Paradise Demo, and explore a bit more of paradise! These videos will show you what you need to do...

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nix3831d ago

when i "tookdown" other players... it kept showing "blah blah crashed"... but i kept getting "takendown". once i was down to "12 takedowns behind!"

but this looks good. gotta try it.

IzKyD13313831d ago

this isnt as easy as they make it look, it took me like 15 tries to finally get it

Orange Juice3831d ago

Its hard, I tried for about an hour last night, and it seems like they added an invisible wall there or something. I would reccomend just waiting until tomorrow.

Relcom3831d ago

doesn't the full version come out tomorrow. . . .

Cool non the less

kingofps33831d ago

I will try it out. Too bad the game is out in a day. lol

MUGEN3831d ago

i've been on the other side a few times. in less than a few blocks of driving the game freezes and you have to restart the demo.

this glitch works for both 360 and ps3 demo, and still works.

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