Combat Crossover: Altair ibn La’Ahad Vs. The Prince of Persia

This week's Combat Crossover features Altair ibn La'Ahad of Assassin's Creed going head to head against The Prince of Persia.

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DeadSpaced2166d ago

Assassin vs. Prince. Hidden blade vs. Dagger of Time. Both masters in killing.

I'd say both would have a great chance but if The Prince of Persia didn't know he was Altair's target, Altair would win.

In a conventional fight, however, even I don't know who would win.

AnotherProGamer2166d ago

Fun fact

Assassin's Creed was supposed to be a Prince of Persia game but over time it became its own franchise.

spirited2166d ago

prince of Persia's creed

TopDudeMan2166d ago

I think the prince would win. He can rewind time, so even if he didn't win in combat, he could just try again until he won.

Lucreto2166d ago

He can keep trying until he ran out of sand.

Altair goes for the quick kill. The Prince would be dead before he had the chance to activate the dagger.

TopDudeMan2166d ago

Yeah, but the prince isn't like the rest of altair's targets; rich people who've barely picked up a sword. He has fast reflexes, good combat technique, mastery of a plethora of weapons and the agility of a cat. Plus, in the game, the prince can rewind time even after he has died.

Kratoscar20082166d ago

The problem with that is that when the prince reverse time everyone except him make the same movement and strategy, so if Altair said to himself "Im going for the troath" and if the prince rewind 10 times then Altair will go for the Troath 10 times and the prince already knows his strategy so just anticipate his movement and the prince will execute Altair in the same fashion as him.

lastdual2166d ago

If it's 2008 Prince of Persia then Altair is screwed. That guy was totally immortal. You could even set down the controller and take a nap during the final boss battle without having to worry...

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