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Xbox 720: “Spring 2014 launch makes more sense” Says Pachter

X360: Xbox 720 and the next gen is big, big news, so we spoke to industry analyst Michael Pachter to find out just how far off it really is… (Michael Pachter, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox 360)

jimmins  +   886d ago
If it's not out until 2014, then I will leave.
a_squirrel  +   885d ago
Wait, leave where?
StarFox  +   885d ago
leave yo momma
NukaCola  +   885d ago
I think it will be November. I don't know if they will show it from now until E3 or what but 2013 or 2014, MS's biggest release month of their top game Halo, the launch of Xbox and LIVE I am pretty sure almost all happens in Nov.
Hellsvacancy  +   885d ago
Xmas next year!
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dboyc310  +   885d ago
I somewhat agree. The announcement will come next yr but they will surely release it in 2014. Lets just wait and see.
Dailynch  +   885d ago
Is he ever wrong? Because I don't know if I can wait that long!!
mewhy32  +   885d ago
current gen Xbox 360 is doing fine. we all want newer hardward but honestly, if the current xbox is dominating the market, has great 3rd party support, growing games library, and is making money for Microsoft, then there's no reason to expect the 720.
I feel we've yet to see the best of either the Xbox 360 or PS3.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   885d ago
Honestly you have seen the best of MS in 2008. And current xbox is not dominating the market they currently being outsold for the year world wide. But yeah I see your point
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ApolloAdams  +   885d ago
This is a Sony centrism site how dare you claim Microsoft is dominating anything even though it is backed up by facts and figures and not fanboyism. /s

On topic: I'm expecting a holiday release but I would love to see: 08/08/2013 for the Xbox 8 that is marketing gold.
konnerbllb  +   885d ago
We've seen the best. It's time to move on to new tech. Start saving kid.
WeskerChildReborned  +   885d ago
I think it's time for Next Gen cause i'm starting to draw away from my PS3 and onto a gaming rig cause all the games now aren't that amazing except for like Last of Us and Watch Dogs.
ThatsGaming  +   885d ago
I disagree that we have not seen the best this generation has to offer. From a video game perspective.

The real issue:

Is there enough technology advancement out there to make a next generation?

I am not sure there is... Sure there could be graphical improvements which would off modest gains. There certainly won't be much sound improvement, so we are left with gameplay and AI improvements. Is there enough new technology horse power to significantly improve gameplay mechanics and/or AI? I don't think so...
aviator189  +   885d ago
That's a long while away, but I always take Pachter's words with a grain of salt.
Fortunately, there'll be enough games coming out on both the ps3 and 360 to keep me gaming until then.
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iNFAMOUZ1  +   885d ago
hes always wrong 2014 dammm you must be on that hydro dude, pass some pat
konnerbllb  +   885d ago
Yep. His prediction instantly makes Holiday 2013/2014 more probable.
Tonester925  +   885d ago
Man Halo 6 would be out by then lol
FragMnTagM  +   885d ago
Obvious troll is obvious.

2007-2012 for the next game in the series.

Halo 3 - 2007
Halo 4 - 2012

Don't see how Halo 6 could be out by then.
Tonester925  +   885d ago
Shut up it was a joke! People are so emotionally attached to a machine it's crazy
BlackSharinganX  +   885d ago
your right there will be probable like 20 halos before halo 6
FragMnTagM  +   885d ago
WEll with that logic, Uncharted 7, Rachet and Clank 1 billion, Little Big Planet 5, Motorstorm Universe Festival will be out by then also.

Works both ways trolls.
BatRastered  +   884d ago
Uhhh.... Reach? ODST? CE Anniversary? Maybe even count Halo Wars? There's been Halo of one kind or another almost every year. (Not saying that a game named Halo 6 would be out by then, but it's not like there's 5 years between releases).
NYC_Gamer  +   885d ago
2013 E3 reveal and winter release
solidjun5  +   885d ago
yep. That's what i think as well.
corrus  +   885d ago
And i think E3 13 they will show what can do PS4 and XBOX720 and somewhere holidays will released them
esemce  +   885d ago
Pachter is a twat says me, E3 2013 reveal then Winter release in time for Xmas. And if it's fully backwards compatible then that's even better for the transition.
JellyJelly  +   885d ago
I guess it's not launching anytime around spring 2014 then.
yewles1  +   885d ago
If it's ever out before November 2014, it'll just scream "rush". All the current consoles still have kick in them, and the next gen titles need more time to cook.
ziggurcat  +   885d ago
it's more likely to be fall 2014, really.

@ esemce:

you're right about the 2013 E3 reveal, but the pattern is always - E3 reveal year X, E3 year Y they go into more detail and announce specs/release date.

they never release a system the year they first reveal it at E3.
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tigertron  +   885d ago
"They never release a system the year they first reveal it at E3".

What about the 360?
konnerbllb  +   885d ago
Exactly, what was this guy talking about.

Xbox 360 was launched the same year of it's E3 reveal. Neg bubble for that guy.
Tyre  +   885d ago
Exactly tigertron, Hey Pachter, Xbox360 was revealed E3 2005<->released Holidays 2005.
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Dms2012  +   885d ago
Just stop talking Pachter. He is crazy if he thinks that Sony and MS will just hand Nintendo a 2 year head start. Regardless of how low the specs are, the average consumer will see it as the new thing and jump on board.
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FragMnTagM  +   885d ago
Well, wouldn't the same thing happen when MS and Sony decide to release their machines also?

The WiiU will look like a turd, if MS and Sony wait two more years to release, I mean it is close to being a turd at the moment with the PS3 and 360 nearly equal to it.

As much as I would like a new XBOX and PS in 2013, I can see them releasing in 2014.
maniacmayhem  +   885d ago
2014? That is a long ways off. I was thinking and even hoping for a 2013 after E3 summer release.
ChunkyLover53  +   885d ago
That is not what the leaked documents say! I doubt Microsoft will give Nintendo a free Christmas this year and Sony a free Christmas next year.

It makes no sense for them to launch at any other time aside from the holidays. That is when the most people go out of their way to buy a new piece of gaming hardware. Microsoft knows first hand how important it is to launch first or at least concurrently with the competition. Doubt they let Sony have 2013 all to themselves.
Zha1tan  +   885d ago
I wish I could get paid for making Bullshit remarks
FrigidDARKNESS  +   885d ago
Microsoft is sticking with there plan for a 2013. Holiday release in North America. There will be a Worldwide launch in Spring 2014 that's what Pachter is saying.
coberste  +   885d ago
If you have listened to Pachter in the past, you'd know he's rarely right, if he's ever been right at all. The consoles will launch next year. Microsoft (and most likely Sony) will start leaking legit images of the console come first quarter next year, in order to start building hype for their E3 unveiling.

If you noticed all games shown at this E3 for the Xbox 360 or PS3 are for games coming out this year or 1st quarter next year. None were advertised as coming in the Fall. Why? Because these developers are waiting to hold their announcements until Microsoft/Sony says so. Games like Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs were announced but not tied to the existing platforms. They will launch with the new consoles as well. I would even suspect a late August/early September launch as there hasn't been any games announced for that time frame as well.
stuna1  +   884d ago
Come to think about it you are absolutely right!

The time frame is as good as any.
Tyre  +   885d ago
2014? This guys is so wrong...didn't U see the E3 Microsoft Conference? Microsoft & most 3rd party developers are not announcing titles beyond spring 2013 & most titles announced are sequels, that can mean only 1 thing: beyond spring 2013 is the Nextgen/new IPs, 2014? Really Pachter? Not with the specs leaked via the document recently, in 2014 the specs will have to be twice as good: 8gb RAM& more than 8 CPU cores/better GPU or the nextgen will not represent a leap worthy of the nextgen...i hope the document was a fake or had old specs and Microsoft has updated the specs since the document was made(that was 2 year ago).
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DeadSpaced  +   885d ago
With the WiiU coming out fairly soon, I seriously doubt Microsoft would wait so long to step into the Next-Gen marketplace.
lorcraven  +   885d ago
Is it just me or is it really annoying that Pachter gets paid for doing what most gamers do automatically, ie analyse and hypothesize what's going on in the industry. I mean just being on n4g is essentially that, did you read this and agree or disagree? If yes then you're doing his job, and if you regularly keep up with industry news then you are as, if not more qualified. Yet despite the many gamers out there who do this stuff out of personal interest, there's no paycheck involved or job title of industry analyst! This guy does my head in!
Dms2012  +   885d ago
This is why, and for no other reason:

Michael holds an M.B.A. from the Anderson School at the University of California at Los Angeles, a juris doctor from Pepperdine University, an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Florida, and a bachelor's in Political Science from California State University, Northridge.

I am not in any way thumbing my nose at education, but this guy is a frigging moron to have these credentials and constantly be wrong. Why anyone has him on their payroll is beyond me.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   885d ago
HAlo 5 as the only Launch title. LOL JK
AngelicIceDiamond  +   885d ago
I don't listen to anything this guy says really.

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