Xbox Live System Update Now Rolling Out To Everyone Else Today

Last week, an Xbox Live System Update was made available to a portion of Xbox Live users, and now the update is up for download to everyone else.

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demongangster2102d ago

l do not know if this is in the right topic area !

do you need to be connected to xbox live to get updates for skyrim ?

the reason that l ask is that l tried to upload a game save called the Executioner that someone made
and when l try to use it my xbox says

This save was made from an earlier version of skyrim (ok)

so l know that l need updated from some site and that l have to save them to my flash drive system via
XTAL but after that l do not know what to do
and yes l put the flash drive into the xbox but what do l do then or am l going wrong someplace ?

l would like any help with this problem so if it comes up in a topic again that l could help others

anyway thank you for taking your time to read this

Delt42102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Yes you need to be connected through xbl to get any and all updates. You don't have to be a gold member but you do need an internet connection.