The Female Assassin in Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation isn’t Just Good for Women, But Gamers Too

Ubisoft's decision to star a female assassin as the lead in Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation has ruffled feathers, here's why it's a good idea.

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jujubee882195d ago

And I like the humility behind Aveline, considering she is black in that place and time period.

As a gamer, I just look forward to a new AC game; a really new one on the VITA, with a new story and perhaps some unique mechnics/environments.

MasterCornholio2195d ago

I'm happy that it isn't a port as some people are saying.
Can't wait to see more of it.


brish2195d ago

"The Female Assassin in Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation isn’t Just Good for Women, But Gamers Too"

Implying that women can't be gamers?!

Jasmino9242190d ago

No, that's no what I meant at all.

What that headline means is that it's good for gamers as a whole (including men AND women) as opposed to *just* women.

310dodo2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )


I wish I could post what I really feel about articles that imply certain things about male gamers.
Alas I will go the PC route.

Its great for Women.
Its great for Blacks.

Jasmino9242190d ago

That's not implying anything about male gamers, what it's actually stating is that the conversation about women in games seems to be solely focused on the female character's cup size rather than her quality as a protagonist.

It's not necessarily male gamers who make that so, it's usually the general games media, either way, that sort of conversation really sucks and makes everyone look bad.

phantomexe2195d ago

I really don't care black white purple green male female. I buy AC games because i enjoy then not because there is a male or female. I'm not sure how or why this ever became a big deal. People are OMG there has to be a female lead in AC. I'm still unsure why it matters.

Jasmino9242190d ago

It's a big deal for multiple reasons - one of these reasons being the fact that we rarely see female leads, and even when we do, she's portrayed in an incredibly unhealthy or demeaning way.

We live in an extremely sexist society, everything from slut-shaming to lack of equal pay and everything else that hinders a woman's ability to thrive and prosper in today's world are serious issues, so for just one game to put a woman on the same footing as they would a man, goes a long way to telling the women of the world (and the men, for that matter) that if a video game supports the idea that women are equal, then maybe everyone in real life should too.

(As for the race issues - that wasn't addressed in my article but statistically, it's more difficult to be a person of colour and EVEN MORE DIFFICULT to be a WOMAN of colour than it is to be a Caucasian male).

phantomexe2190d ago

I'm all for what you said, but lets make sure it's equal pay for equal work. In most cases this isn't what happens in todays world. If your going force men to sign a draft sheet wemen should be doing the same. Most of the time men are called on to do the heavy lifting. I've seen women tossed into places of power with know knowledge of on hand experience. Whats bad is they don't want to do the on hand because the work is rugged. I'm not writeing all this because i think being a man makes me better but like i said at the top equal pay for equal work.

bub162195d ago

i should hope so. seeing as gamers are the ones buying it...