11 videogame-related things upcoming generations will never experience

VGW: If you’ve been gaming over the past twenty years, you’ve noticed more than a few changes in the way things work. Going beyond the obvious “the graphics look better,” there are things you don’t think of that have vanished over the past two decades. Some of these may still linger in some capacity, but newer gamers today and beyond will never know what it feels like. Check out our list of eleven, and feel free to add your own in the comments section!

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mike1up1951d ago

Nice read and very funny.

Blowing in those NES cartridges was just classic.

dredgewalker1951d ago

Lol, that brings back memories and also using paper or a rubber eraser to clean the contacts of the cartridges.

BrianShea1951d ago

Holy crap! I forgot all about the rubber eraser method! haha

NukaCola1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Man I remember the recommended "Hold Reset While Powering Off Your NES To Avoid Data Corruption." for games like Final Fantasy and Zelda.

tee_bag2421951d ago

Lol those were the days. Thing I like about now is i can also play online with my friends.

ApolloAdams1951d ago

Loved the article. Annoying sure but these things are funny gaming memories.

Fatty1951d ago

NES cart says "blow me", I say "ok", and neither of us feels dirty.

mamotte1951d ago

did anyone blowed the SNES cartridge connector instead of the cartridge? When I used it after a long time, it was so full of dust the cartridge didnt work even after blowing it.

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