Eurogamer's Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Review


Battlefield didn't bother to hide its debt to Modern Warfare when the shooter titans' Part 3s clashed last autumn. In came a single-player campaign full of bombastic set-pieces and a suite of half-baked co-op challenges, sitting awkwardly alongside the epic combat scenarios that long-serving fans expected.

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mewhy322219d ago

Well based on what I've seen of this I'd say that's a pretty good score.

Kinger89382219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

close quarters is great for a quick blast rather than a full Huge bf3 game mode.

im going to buy all the expansions any way so £40 for premium was worth it to me so i get them a bit earlier not that it really matters! double xp weekends is a good thing too, but i hope they bring more than that

pr0digyZA2219d ago

If you have premium then you get to have

one double xp weekend a month (not including the days when everyone gets it).
Videos like behind the scenes or first looks at new maps, and strategies for different maps.
Then there are strategy guides that are yet to be released.
Exclusive dog tags and weapons above what the normal maps like close quarters would give you if bought separately.
New assignments and queue priority
and of course as you mentioned two weeks early access to each map pack.
And more...

So ye there is more than that.

allyc4t2219d ago

I love all the maps. Scrap Metal is my favorite.

If DICE keeps up with quality like this, I'm going to have no issues with my initial $50 investment for Premium.

310dodo2218d ago

see and I hate when scrapmetal comes up

but I freakin love Ziba Tower

The_KELRaTH2219d ago

£40 for PS3 owners or £32.99 for 360 owners in Game.

If it was £32.99 for PS3 I'd buy it but I don't see it as great value at £40 as I already have the Karkand Expansion and I prefer CoD for tight close maps as it seems with BF3 the smaller the map the more likely the enemy will spawn right behind you - this doesn't seem to happen in CoD.

venom062219d ago

absolutely PATHETIC that this idiot reviewer can review CQ for what it is.. an OPTION for diversity to the original battlefield game, without mentioning CoD every third word.. the question this fool should ask himself is "is it fun?" "do i enjoy it?" "does it set out to do what its supposed to do?"... answer all these questions without mentioning the term CoD, and then your review can be justified.. otherwise, this is just some tard that can't differentiate and need to leave reviews to someone that can..

Emilio_Estevez2219d ago

I can't say that I agree with you. Battlefield is known for big expansive maps, so to add a 'Premium' service along with close proximity maps seems to be in direct competition with COD. Also 7/10 isn't bad and not comparing it to what all casuals would is like not talking about the giant purple elephant with an alien on it's head in the room.

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