Infinity Ward Dev Working on Bringing MW2's Terminal to MW3 for Free

MP1st - Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has commented on why assets related to Modern Warfare 2′s Terminal have been found in Modern Warfare 3.

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Emilio_Estevez1948d ago

I really liked terminal, won't be the same without the effectiveness of the noob-tubes from MW2 though. Dropped a few nukes there.

koehler831948d ago

I'm sure it just means the guy isn't getting paid for doing the work. This is Activision.

Lucretia1948d ago

your explanation of how they port maps to other games was bad. im sure they found an efficient and easy way to port them over. why the hell would they be so stupid to make it hard to port over?

im sure it used to be like that, but after releasing so much of the same maps from previous games they would figure a way to make it more effecient

MRHARDON1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

They might of, but from what I experienced as a mapper, porting takes alot of effort.

They might have some dev tools that enable them to smoothly port over the textures and models but I am only going on what I experienced as a mapper.

I am porting a map from [email protected] (Castle) to COD2, and it is a pain :( [email protected] has a grid that goes down all the way to 0.5, COD2's grid goes down only to 1.0, so everything is all messed up.

So like I said before, for me, porting takes alot of time.

sandman2241948d ago

That's a terrific idea. Now let's release them simutaniously on all consoles.

Ethereal1948d ago

I am so down for some terminal again. Do it!

Lucretia1948d ago

or you could just pop in MW2 and play it?

lol jk

nice its free. not like anywork is required since its the same engine anyway

MRHARDON1948d ago

Yes, work is required, did you ever map for COD2, COD4 or even [email protected]?

The Call of Duty image files are called "IWD'S", each game has a different type of iwd, so MW2 textures dont show in MW3.

So from MW2 to MW3, porting the map file is not easy. Opening the map file in MW3 Radiant (map tool they use) should be no problem.

But when you open the map, every model in Terminal is in pink boxes since it cant find the model unless MW3 is using a model that's in Terminal, then it would show.

Also, the whole map is all green, since it cant find the textures it uses.

To port a map from MW2 to MW3, they have to
Go into assist manager and type in every texture Terminal uses and convert it to MW3 iwd format.

They have to do the same thing for the models, go into assist manager and type in every model the map uses, and convert it to MW3 xmodel format.

This process takes days, if not weeks.

ginsunuva1947d ago

Ahahahhahahaha! Good one! That was a good one!