'Diablo III' Patch Increases Repair Cost, Forces Use of Real Money Auction House

Anthony Accinelli writes, "Just when I thought that would be the worst issue to overcome, I went back to town to repair my equipment. The usual cost of repair was increased by over seven times. Suddenly I am faced with repair costs of over fifty thousand gold."

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ThanatosDMC2190d ago

It's not new. Remember it's Activision Blizzard.

Farsendor12190d ago

what happened to blizzard?

dredgewalker2190d ago

Activisions greed has rubbed off on them.

Psychotica2190d ago

The one thing I hate about PC gaming, you can't trade it in down at your local Gamestop. Otherwise this game would be gone from my game library..

Rai2190d ago

same, i stopped playing sometime around E3.

T3MPL3TON 2190d ago

He he.. I said this would happen.

Moncole2190d ago

I made 10$ from the auction house.

Godmars2902190d ago

And how much did Blizzard get out of that for the transaction?

It may have only been pennies out of your dollars, but they still got money out of it.

Moncole2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Blizzard makes 15% of the profit.

ThanatosDMC2190d ago

Yeah, imagine the one's that sell items for $250. Activision gets $37.50 per transaction. Ridiculous.

Well, people buying items for $250 is ridiculous but Activision Blizzard getting a percentage of it is even worst. I would rather buy items at another website that is trustworthy and trade in the game so the seller gets full price for all the time he spent getting the loot.

vallencer2190d ago

And you should care why? They're a business offering a service that you make money off of. So of course they're going to take a cut. I don't use the RMAH but for those that do good for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.